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License,Deed,Marriage,Passes Will Also Be NFT

Blockchain, crypto cash and future innovations coach Ugur Guzel said that in spite of the fact that NFT is related to workmanship, particularly during the pandemic interaction, many fields will meet with NFT sooner rather than later, and said , “Our licenses, deeds, recognitions, authentications we got in the courses we go to will become NFTs.” Metaverseplanet‘s “Such countless Things to Discover – Technology” web recording series “What is NFT, the new venture instrument of advanced craftsmanship?” Ugur Guzel, visitor of his transmission named Ugur Guzel, assessed the drawn out impacts of NFT, which has turned into a famous speculation apparatus in the workmanship and innovation world, on the economy.

Expressing that digital forms of money have a volume of 2.5-3 trillion bucks around the world, Ugur Guzel said that this volume is at the degree of 3 billion bucks each day in World. He underlined that OpenSea , which is perhaps the greatest player in the NFT market on the planet, had incomes of 60 million bucks in 2020, surpassing 14 billion bucks in 2021 after only one year.

License,Deed,Marriage,Passes Will Also Be NFT
License,Deed,Marriage,Passes Will Also Be NFT

Stressing that the idea of gathering began to change with NFTs, Danyal said, “With NFT, an authority’s reality that we can call the ‘ Shared Wonders Company’ started to arise. For instance, it is feasible to separate the Mona Lisa painting into 1 million pixels and buy one of these pixels for 1 dollar. You don’t have 1 million bucks, however you can get a piece of that unique work with 1 dollar.”

Stating that NFTs will come to the fore in fictions focusing on functionality rather than works of art in Turkey in the near future, Ugur Guzel said, “What could be an NFT?” To this question, he replied:

“We can digitize and turn into NFT anything that is unthinkable, intangible, and can be recorded on the blockchain. NFTs became lifeline for the art sector, whose revenues were cut like knives with the pandemic. NFT both loved art and art loved NFT. But it’s not just that. When our license or title is NFT, our digital identities will also be able to open the door of our vehicle or house. Again with NFT marriage certificates , it will be able to make marriage contracts based on the authority given by the blockchain . When we disconnect this wallet, there may be a divorce .”

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