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Best ChatGPT Plugins

OpenAI’s ChatGPT has recently expanded its capabilities by introducing support for plugins. Now, anyone with a ChatGPT Plus subscription can access the Plugin Store and install a variety of plugins to enhance ChatGPT’s functionality.

Previously, ChatGPT was confined to its internal data and could only respond to queries based on that information. However, with the new plugin feature, ChatGPT gains the ability to search the web, interact with different web services, and function as an interface for various services.

This development allows users to employ ChatGPT for numerous tasks, such as making restaurant reservations, creating videos from text prompts, converting text to speech, finding recipes, and more.

The ChatGPT add-on store already houses a wide range of plugins, each offering unique capabilities. Below is a list of some of the most popular plugins available in the store:

1. LinkReader

Discover the Best ChatGPT Addon

If you’re looking to summarize web pages, documents, PDFs, PPTs, and more, the ‘LinkReader’ plugin is an excellent choice for quick content analysis and summarization without the need to go through entire files, thus saving time.

This plugin not only streamlines the process of finding and analyzing content but also provides swift overviews of specific topics. Additionally, ‘AskyourPDF’ is another great ChatGPT plugin that can be used for analyzing PDFs and other documents, offering similar time-saving and efficient content analysis features.


Discover the Best ChatGPT Addon

For summarizing and analyzing video content, the ‘ChatWithVideo’ plugin is the ideal tool. Utilizing this plugin, you can input a URL via ChatGPT to parse and examine the contents of a video.

This plugin offers a comprehensive description that covers each aspect of the video. This feature can be particularly beneficial for students or anyone needing to quickly find information without the need to watch lengthy videos.

3.Open Table

Open Table is among the early adopters of ChatGPT’s capabilities, introducing the OpenTable ChatGPT plugin. This plugin streamlines the process of booking a table at a restaurant, eliminating the need to visit the website directly. ChatGPT serves as an interface, enabling you to easily reserve your preferred table using simple text commands.

With this plugin, you can specify details like location, number of people, time, and day. It then automatically finds the best available tables for you and provides a link for booking. By clicking on this link, you can quickly visit the website and secure your table.

The OpenTable ChatGPT plugin is particularly useful in saving time when searching for the right table. Its straightforward text command feature helps you efficiently find a table that suits your dining needs.

4.AI Playlist

Open Table is among the pioneering companies to leverage ChatGPT’s capabilities by introducing the OpenTable ChatGPT plugin. This plugin simplifies the process of booking a restaurant table. With ChatGPT serving as an interface, you can easily make a reservation using simple text commands.

The plugin allows you to input details like location, number of people, time, and day. It then automatically sources the best available tables for you and provides a link for booking. You can click on this link to be redirected to the website, where you can confirm your reservation instantly.

The OpenTable ChatGPT plugin is designed to streamline the process of finding the perfect table for your needs. Its user-friendly text command system makes it easy to secure the right table for your dining experience.


If you’re a student or a professional in job search, the ‘Ambition’ ChatGPT plugin can be a valuable tool in finding the right job swiftly. This plugin facilitates job searches based on location, job title, experience level, and other criteria.

It uses the provided details to locate suitable job opportunities. Once it generates a job listing, it offers comprehensive information about the job description, company, location, application process, and more. You can further the conversation to receive more tailored job suggestions. Additionally, the plugin provides advice on enhancing your resume.

Job listings are presented both in a list format and with links for easy reference. You can inquire more about each job and click on the links to directly access the job postings.

Overall, ‘Ambition’ can be incredibly helpful for those seeking employment and needing assistance in sifting through multiple job postings to find relevant opportunities.


Wolfram Alpha, a computational knowledge search engine, offers answers across a wide array of fields including mathematics, science, technology, engineering, economics, geography, linguistics, and more. It’s a highly regarded plugin for students, researchers, professionals, and anyone in need of in-depth, quality answers.

As one of the inaugural ChatGPT add-ons, the Wolfram Alpha plugin allows you to obtain detailed responses to a vast range of questions through interactive conversation. You can ask ChatGPT for specific terms and delve deeper into the explanations, which can be more effective than the traditional search method typically used on the Wolfram website.

For those who frequently use Wolfram Alpha and seek conversational, detailed explanations, the Wolfram Alpha ChatGPT plugin could be an invaluable resource.


Zapier is a widely-used web-based automation tool that connects various web applications, enabling users to automate tasks and create workflows, commonly referred to as zaps. It allows integration with popular web apps such as Gmail, Slack, Trello, Salesforce, Google Sheets, and many others.

For instance, you can set up a Zap (workflow) that automatically transfers attachments received in Gmail to Dropbox. Zapier is user-friendly, enabling you to automate common tasks without requiring any programming skills.

The ChatGPT Zapier plugin simplifies this process further by allowing you to give text-only instructions. For example, using ChatGPT, you could instruct it to draft an email, send it to a specified address like name@gmail.com, and simultaneously forward the message as a Slack group notification.

With this plugin, ChatGPT analyzes your request and sets up the automation for you. You can enhance the automation by providing text prompts, adding more detailed tasks and instructions. To utilize this functionality in ChatGPT, you simply need to log in with your Zapier account.


Web scraping is a widely used method for extracting data from websites. This technique is commonly employed for purposes such as market research, automated analysis, trend monitoring, marketing campaigns, sentiment analysis, and more, utilizing specialized tools and scripts.

The Web Scraper ChatGPT plugin enables you to extract content from a webpage by simply providing a URL. This plugin autonomously navigates the website and compiles the content. Additionally, it allows for content analysis and the ability to pose more in-depth questions about the information found on the website. You can even aggregate and analyze content from multiple sources.

While the plugin generally operates effectively, there are instances where it may display errors or fail to scrape content. These issues can typically be resolved through basic troubleshooting methods. This plugin is especially useful for those looking to conduct research, analysis, and gather essential information from web content. The Web Scraper ChatGPT plugin is available free of charge and can be easily activated, allowing you to commence web scraping with straightforward steps.


The ChatGPT Planfit plugin is designed to assist in creating personalized workout routines. For instance, you can request the plugin to devise a weekly workout plan for a 25-year-old at a specific fitness level. The plugin will generate a detailed week-long workout plan, complete with workout animations linked to the Plan-Fit website.

Additionally, this app supports multiple languages, enhancing its accessibility to a broader range of users worldwide.

After installing and activating the plugin, you simply need to input your requests in the search bar. If any crucial information is missing from your request, the add-on will prompt you to provide the necessary details to tailor your workout plans effectively.


The ABCmouse plugin offers engaging and educational activities tailored for children aged 2-8 years. By entering a text prompt, you can request ChatGPT to generate a list of fun learning activities accessible through the ABC platform.

ABCmouse is designed specifically for young learners aged 2-8 years, featuring a range of interactive learning activities including educational games, books, songs, puzzles, and more. It provides a comprehensive online curriculum covering preschool, kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd-grade levels in subjects like reading, math, science, social studies, arts, and more. With the dedicated plugin, these activities can be easily accessed within the ChatGPT workspace using simple text commands.

The activities listed are linked to the ABCmouse website and are typically available for free. If you’re a ChatGPT Plus user seeking educational content for children under the age of 8, the ABCmouse plugin can be an excellent choice. It allows you to tailor the learning experience, request personalized activity recommendations, and more.

11.World News

For those who regularly follow the news, the ‘World News’ might be the ideal ChatGPT plugin. This plugin utilizes an API to gather news from various sources, summarizing the latest headlines tailored to the user’s request.

Users can request the most recent headlines from specific news outlets or on particular topics such as technology, updates about OpenAI, health, sports, and more. With this plugin, ChatGPT provides a concise summary of the latest news along with links to the full articles. You can further request more news, switch categories, or expand the discussion for more detailed information.

Overall, if you’re looking to stay updated with the latest news articles based on specific, personalized queries, the ‘World News’ plugin is a valuable tool. It also enables the creation of detailed summary reports, complementing other plugins you might be using.


Noteable is a collaborative data notebook designed for data-driven teams, facilitating the use and visualization of data on the go. With its advanced features and visualization tools, teams can collect, share, and visualize data all on a single platform. The Notable plugin for ChatGPT enables data visualization through simple text prompts.

Before using it, you need to log in to your Noteable account. Once your account is created, the plugin is automatically installed on your ChatGPT, and you are directed to the homepage. Here, you can activate the plugin and begin utilizing the Noteable plugin.

This plugin allows you to visualize data from projects already established on the Noteable website. After creating a project and uploading data to it, you can specify the project link. Additionally, the plugin lets you create new projects, automatically retrieve data via API, and visualize the same data.


If you’re keen on learning how to express something in a different language, the ‘Speak’ plugin is an excellent tool.

This AI-driven language tutor not only translates phrases but also teaches you how to say them in another language. ‘Speak’ is already available as a standalone app in both the Google and Apple app stores. With the ChatGPT plugin version, you can broaden your conversations and gain more insights into phrasing in various languages.

One limitation of this plugin is that it produces only text output. For audio pronunciation, you’ll need to use external apps or websites that can convert text into audio.

Nevertheless, ‘Speak’ is a quick and convenient plugin that enables you to effortlessly translate phrases into different languages. It’s especially useful for converting and understanding conversations in other languages.

14.There is an AI for That

The “There is an AI for That” add-on for ChatGPT is designed to assist you in discovering the most suitable AI tools. All you need to do is enter a text prompt specifying your requirement. The plugin then automatically searches its extensive database to identify the most effective AI tools for your needs.

For instance, if you input “best music creation tools,” the plugin will sift through a wide range of AI tools to locate the top AI music generators. This feature eliminates the need for users to manually search and compare different tools, significantly simplifying the process of finding the best AI solutions.


If you need to convert your text into speech, you can utilize the Speechki ChatGPT plugin for this purpose. ChatGPT seamlessly takes your text input and quickly converts it into speech.

Please note that there isn’t an option to directly listen to the audio file on the ChatGPT page. Clicking on the link provided will redirect you to the Speechki website, where you can either listen to the audio or download it in MP3 format. This audio file can be used as a voice-over for various applications, including videos, podcasts, and more.

It’s important to mention that there currently isn’t an option to edit the audio, and the output is limited to a male robot voice. Nevertheless, Speechki is a convenient and effective solution for converting text to audio.

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