About Us

“Metaverseplanet.net is the world’s first AI and Metaverse platform, which is considered the internet of the future. We have gathered all the latest developments and information about AI and Metaverse in one place for you. In the future, we will produce Metaverse land and Metaverse coins. Keep following us for more updates.

TM Uğur Güzel (CEO) and Elif Güzel (COO) founded Metaverse Planet in 2021 with the mission to democratize access to AI and Metaverse crypto data and empower users with actionable insights. We dive deep into the AI and Metaverse crypto space to provide valuable insights to our users through our AI and Metaverse crypto reports, AI and Metaverse coin prices, crypto coin prices, publications, newsletter, and more.”

Contact :metaverseplanet.net@gmail.com

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