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Creating a Twin of the Real World with the Metaverse

Warp, a tech company known for creating “the world’s digital twin,” recently held its first launch event in Istanbul. The CEO, Oksana Golovina, outlined Warp’s mission, saying, “Our aim is to replicate the world digitally, particularly at a time when our lives are increasingly becoming digital.”

Founded in 2010, Warp has its main offices in Estonia, Europe, and the USA, North America. The company marked its inaugural launch in Turkey, choosing the dynamic city of Istanbul.

Warp aims to close the gap between the physical and digital worlds. The company detailed its offerings, highlighting that it enables interactions with any object, entity, or city worldwide through digital means.

Moreover, Warp has developed a platform that allows users to book or purchase travel, lifestyle, and various other services, whether locally or globally. This feature lets users dive into their chosen destinations within the metaverse, offering a realistic experience.

In addition, Warp positions itself as a comprehensive digital solution for users, catering to all their requirements. At the same time, it provides businesses with a broad platform to present their products and services to a wide audience.


A twin of the real world will be created with the Metaverse

Warp’s advanced AI-driven Digital Assistant, designed with human-like features, effortlessly responds to user inquiries. It provides detailed information about any business and supports user orders from any location. The platform aims to create a digital twin that encompasses both commercial and non-commercial assets worldwide, including their associated characteristics.

By offering customized digital solutions to meet the diverse needs of governments, corporations, and individual users, Warp enhances the digital aspect of user interactions. The company has introduced innovative ways for users to connect with the external world and its elements. Through the Metaverse channel, users can vividly experience entities that might otherwise be beyond their immediate access.

As a pioneer in the travel, urban, and service technology sectors, Warp has integrated advanced artificial intelligence into its meta system. Starting its journey towards global expansion, Warp selected Istanbul for its launch. The event was hosted at the prestigious Raffles Hotel Istanbul, attended by a diverse group of individuals, including prominent figures from investment, tourism, technology, industry, and business sectors, as well as media representatives. They were given an opportunity to witness Warp’s technological capabilities, its vision for the future, and its strategic direction. A notable feature of the launch was an immersive tour of a hotel’s digital twin within the metaverse for the attendees.


During the launch event, Warp’s CEO, Oksana Golovina, commented, “Turkey’s prominent role in the global tourism industry prompted us to choose Istanbul, a tourism hub, for our first launch. From this strategic location, we aimed to share our vision, goals, and strategic direction with the world.”

Golovina highlighted Warp’s ambition to create a digital twin in a world where lifestyles are increasingly becoming digital, stating, “Our platform is designed for all stakeholders to utilize. We have simplified complex processes into fast and efficient digital workflows. We hope that our comprehensive services and innovative offerings will drive significant changes in the global tourism sector.”

Warp promises users a seamless digital experience, ensuring high-quality service as they explore travel, service, lifestyle, and hospitality. The platform underscores its ability to meet user needs in these areas through an integrated interface, while maintaining a strong system that ensures complete transactional and service integrity.

Additionally, Warp’s utility extends beyond private companies; public institutions can also greatly benefit. Government bodies can use Warp’s digital capabilities to manage, monitor, and evaluate the operations of SMEs in the tourism and hospitality sectors.

This will enable them to gather accurate data on every customer interaction. Warp’s services include ensuring sectoral transparency, facilitating effective taxation and tourism levies, attracting foreign investment, and implementing quality controls. At the same time, private companies can explore new digital channels for engaging customers, increasing revenue, scaling their operations, and enhancing automation.

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