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Introducing the Rock’n’Roll Metaverse: A Game-Changing NFT Project!

As the discussions around NFTs and the metaverse gain momentum, Turkey is witnessing the emergence of a new digital art project, joining the ranks of globally impactful initiatives like Fluffy Polar Bears and NinjaSquad. Rock’n’Verse, a multidisciplinary project based in Turkey, stands out as it ventures into creating the first rock-themed virtual universe through collaboration.

According to one of the founders of Rock’n’Verse, the project is a unique amalgamation of rock music, visual arts, fashion design, game engineering, and event organization. The aim is to transform Verse into a virtual universe that unites the global rock music community. This immersive space will encompass concert halls, open-air festival areas, restaurants, bars, hotels, game platforms, and stores, catering to everyone in the rock music realm, from musicians to enthusiasts.

One distinctive feature of Rock’n’Verse is its plan to host real-time concerts and performances by rock musicians worldwide, utilizing virtual reality glasses (VR). The first phase of the project, consisting of three phases, is set to kick off with the sale of 3333 NFTs affiliated with the rock group SkinRunners. Notably, SkinRunners, led by Bartu Gülhan, a finalist in the 2018 O Ses Turkey competition, has released a song and video titled “Phoenix” in conjunction with this NFT project.

This groundbreaking initiative showcases the intersection of technology, art, and music in the digital landscape, providing a platform for artists to connect with their audience in innovative ways within the metaverse.

Gifts will be distributed on every NFT sale

Introducing the Rock'n'Roll Metaverse: A Game-Changing NFT Project!

Gozde Vanlı, a co-founder of Rock’n’Verse, emphasized that the economy generated through NFT collections and the virtual universe will play a supportive role for independent rock musicians and record companies. The project aims to provide a platform for rock musicians to share their singles, albums, and live performances with their audience within this innovative space.

In this inclusive universe that welcomes rock bands from around the globe, NFT sales phases will feature giveaways with a total value exceeding $100,000. Notable items include a bass guitar autographed by Billy Sheehan, a legendary figure in rock music, with a significant market value, as well as a custom-produced electric guitar by Selçuk Eser and a bespoke motorcycle valued at $100,000.

By incorporating such high-profile giveaways and collaborations with renowned figures in the rock music industry, Rock’n’Verse not only enhances the appeal of its NFT collections but also contributes to the broader ecosystem by supporting independent artists and fostering connections between musicians and their fan base in this dynamic virtual universe. This ambitious initiative seeks to redefine the relationship between music, technology, and art, creating a space where creativity and commerce intersect in novel and exciting ways.

First Metaverse NFT Rock Single Released

Introducing the Rock'n'Roll Metaverse: A Game-Changing NFT Project!

Highlighting that Rock’n’Verse’s inaugural project, the hard rock band SkinRunners, commenced with the release of their debut single “Phoenix” at the end of last month, Selçuk Eser, a founder of Rock’n’Verse, announced the launch of the first phase.

The NFT collection, featuring creative artworks by the band members, synchronized with broadcasts of three different songs, consists of a total of 3×3,333 NFT pieces. This collection will soon be available on the Rock’n’Verse platform. Upon the full release of the initial collection, first-stage gifts worth $10,000 will be distributed to participants.

Notably, certain NFTs within the project can serve as avatars in Rock’n’Verse, offering users various privileges in both real-world and metaverse events. Furthermore, independent musicians will have the opportunity to release their music in the virtual universe through the Rock’n’Verse record label. This initiative aims to safeguard the copyrights and revenue streams of music producers in the long run, providing a platform for both established and emerging artists to thrive within the evolving landscape of the metaverse.

Rock’n’Verse will be the meeting point of the global rock music community

Introducing the Rock'n'Roll Metaverse: A Game-Changing NFT Project!

The investor, who expressed satisfaction with being a part of the Rock’n’Verse team, shared their perspective on the project, stating: “At Diici, we have already made investments, and now we’ve chosen to support innovative ideas with global impact, such as Rock’n’Verse, a blockchain-based project within our area of interest.

NFTs serve as an innovative tool that not only creates value but also propels art and artists onto the world stage. In Turkey, there’s notable enthusiasm from both art producers and art enthusiasts in this field. We are aware that our country has successfully implemented impactful NFT projects like Ninjasquad and Fluffy Polar Bear, which have garnered attention worldwide.”

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