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Artificial Intelligence Tools You Can Use for Travel

Planning a trip can be the most daunting part of travel. Hours spent sifting through potential destinations, activities, and the tedious tasks of booking flights and hotels can quickly become overwhelming if you’re tackling it all on your own.

What if there was someone or rather, something that could handle all of this for you in just a few minutes?

Enter AI travel planners. These innovative tools are designed to take your preferences and limitations into account to swiftly craft customized itineraries.

In this post, we have compiled a list of the best AI travel planners to help you enjoy your travels without the planning headaches. Choose the AI travel planner that suits you best and say goodbye to travel planning stress!

What Should You Look for in AI Travel Planner Tools?

When choosing an AI travel planning tool, consider the following features:

Level of Customization: Evaluate how detailed the AI’s questions are and the variety of criteria it uses to tailor your itinerary. The more options for customization it offers, the more tailored the experience will be.

Ease of Access: Determine how you can access the AI travel planner. Is it available solely as a mobile app, or can you also use it through a desktop browser? Check if there’s an option to download and save itineraries for offline access.

Collaborative Features: Some AI travel planners enable you to work together with your travel companions to craft custom itineraries. These collaborative tools are often more versatile.

Personal Recommendations: Opt for AI travel planners that use your feedback and past behavior to offer personalized advice and recommendations. This feature can enhance your travel planning significantly.

Additional Planning Features: Search for tools that include extra features like map views or flight finders, which can assist with various other travel planning aspects.

Pricing: Although many AI travel planners are free, some might require a subscription for advanced features. Consider whether the cost is justified by the benefits, or if a free tool meets your needs.

The 10 Best AI Travel Planner Tools to Use in 2024

Here’s our top ten list of the best AI travel planners you should try for your next trip. 

1.Layla (Roam Around)

AI Travel Planner Tools for Your Next Trip

Layla, once known as Roam Around, is a user-friendly AI-powered travel planner that crafts personalized itineraries for tourist spots around the world. To get started, users simply input their destination, travel dates, and preferences. This makes Layla an ideal choice for organizing spontaneous trips and vacations, eliminating the stress of manual planning.

Layla harnesses the power of GPT-3 technology to offer bespoke travel advice, from dining recommendations to must-visit attractions, ensuring travelers have a unique and tailored experience.

Key Features of Layla

  • Easy Login: Users can sign in quickly using their Google accounts, streamlining the planning process.
  • Customizable Itineraries: Layla allows travelers to adjust their plans based on interests and budget constraints, providing a highly personalized itinerary.
  • Personalized Recommendations: With local travel guides and tailored suggestions, Layla helps uncover the gems of each destination.
  • Interactive Customization: Travelers can chat directly with Layla to refine their itineraries further, ensuring every detail is perfect.
  • Collaborative Planning: Users can create shared bucket lists and collaborate on travel plans with friends, making group travel easier.
  • Multi-Platform Access: Layla is accessible through both Android and iOS apps, offering flexibility for on-the-go planning.

Limitations of Layla

  • Limited Destination Range: While Layla covers many popular tourist destinations, expanding its database could enhance its appeal.
  • Accuracy of Recommendations: Occasionally, the recommendations provided by Layla may not be entirely accurate, which could lead to mixed experiences.

Pricing for Layla

  • Free: Layla offers all its features at no cost, making it accessible to a wide range of travelers.
  • Premium: Currently, there are no premium options available, which means all users enjoy full access without any fees.

Layla represents a significant advancement in travel technology, offering a seamless and interactive way to plan trips with just a few clicks. Whether you’re looking to explore new cities or simply escape the hassle of travel planning, Layla provides a comprehensive and easy-to-use solution.


If you’re searching for a travel planner that meticulously considers your specific preferences, budget, and constraints to craft a personalized travel itinerary, Wonderplan is the perfect tool for you.

Wonderplan is a top-notch AI-powered trip planner designed especially for budget-conscious travelers. It excels in providing detailed cost breakdowns for various activities, allowing you to adjust your itinerary to fit your financial limits and personal preferences seamlessly.

Outstanding Features of Wonderplan

  • Customized Itineraries: Wonderplan builds travel plans that perfectly align with your preferences and constraints, ensuring a trip that’s tailored just for you.
  • Accommodation Recommendations: Receive personalized suggestions on where to stay, based on your budget and taste.
  • Interactive Tools: Utilize interactive maps and navigation aids to visually plot your journey and explore your itinerary in an engaging way.
  • Offline Access: Easily download and save your itineraries as PDF files, granting you access to your plans without needing an internet connection.
  • Collaborative Planning: Work alongside your travel companions to create and tweak your itinerary, making planning a group trip effortless and inclusive.
  • Detailed Financial Planning: Get a comprehensive breakdown of costs for each activity planned, helping you manage your budget effectively.

Limitations of Wonderplan

  • Expanding Destinations: While Wonderplan offers a robust selection of destinations, broadening its scope could attract a wider user base.
  • Support Options: Currently, Wonderplan only provides support through email, which may limit immediate assistance for urgent inquiries.

Pricing Structure

  • Free: Wonderplan is entirely free, making it an accessible option for all travelers looking to maximize their travel experience without impacting their wallets.

Wonderplan stands out in the crowded field of travel planning tools by offering an exceptional, budget-friendly service that doesn’t compromise on functionality or user experience. Whether you’re planning a solo adventure or a group excursion

3.Trip Planner AI

Trip Planner AI is a sophisticated travel planning tool that stands out in the world of AI trip planners by integrating social media into its features. It allows users to draw inspiration from Instagram reels and TikTok videos, making it possible to add popular or trending destinations directly into their travel plans. This unique approach ensures that users have access to the most current and appealing spots as recommended by travelers worldwide.

Notable Features of Trip Planner AI

  • Social Media Integration: Leverage travel recommendation videos from platforms like Instagram and TikTok to discover new destinations and add them directly to your itinerary.
  • Itinerary Customization: Fine-tune your travel plans by adding or removing activities until your itinerary matches your exact preferences.
  • Community-Driven Ideas: Gain insights from itineraries shared by other travelers within the community, providing a rich source of tried-and-tested travel ideas.
  • Optimal Route Planning: Utilize advanced AI to suggest the best routes for road trips, especially useful for multi-destination journeys.
  • Collaborative Planning: Work together with your travel partners to create itineraries that are finely tailored to the needs of each participant.
  • Cross-Platform Accessibility: Access Trip Planner AI from both your mobile and desktop browsers, providing flexibility regardless of your device.

Limitations of Trip Planner AI

  • Account Requirement: To use Trip Planner AI, you need to register and log in, which might be a deterrent for those seeking quick access without the need to create an account.


  • Free: Trip Planner AI offers its services at no cost, making it an accessible option for all users, emphasizing its commitment to facilitating hassle-free travel planning.

Trip Planner AI is a pioneering tool in the travel planning industry, incorporating modern social media trends into traditional itinerary planning. This approach not only makes the planning process more engaging and dynamic but also ensures that the recommendations are fresh and popular among current travelers. Whether you’re planning a quick getaway or a complex multi-stop tour, Trip Planner AI offers a comprehensive and user-friendly platform to create the perfect travel experience.


Iplan.ai is an innovative travel planner designed to simplify and enhance the process of creating personalized travel itineraries. By asking users a series of questions about their travel preferences, Iplan.ai quickly generates a detailed itinerary that can be further customized to fit individual needs.

Key Features of Iplan.ai

  • Rapid Itinerary Generation: Start by answering a few questions, and Iplan.ai will craft a detailed itinerary in seconds, providing a solid foundation for your travel plans.
  • Flexible Customization: Modify your itinerary by adding or removing activities and destinations, allowing for a fully tailored travel experience.
  • Collaborative and Sharing Options: Work together with travel companions to plan your trip. You can share your itinerary publicly or privately, making it easy to keep everyone informed.
  • Budget-Friendly Planning: Set your budget within the app, and Iplan.ai will help you plan accordingly, ensuring your travel expenses are well-managed.

Limitations of Iplan.ai

  • Device Availability: Iplan.ai is only available as a mobile application, which might not be ideal for users who prefer planning on a desktop.
  • Restricted Features: Some of the app’s sharing and collaborative features are locked behind a paid plan, which might limit access for users not willing to subscribe.

Pricing of Iplan.ai

  • Free Version: Offers basic itinerary planning features at no cost.
  • Pro Membership: Priced at $3.99 per month, this plan unlocks additional features, including enhanced sharing and collaboration tools.

Iplan.ai is ideal for travelers seeking a quick, intuitive, and mobile-friendly tool to streamline their travel planning process. Whether you’re planning a solo adventure or a group trip, Iplan.ai provides a range of features to ensure your plans are as organized and enjoyable as possible.


via Explorerg

Explorerg is a unique AI travel planner that blends open-ended user inputs with structured choices to facilitate personalized travel planning. Users can describe their travel intentions in a broad manner and then refine their plans by selecting from a range of preset options tailored to various preferences and needs.

Top Features of Explorerg

  • Preset Itineraries for Popular Destinations: Choose from a selection of prebuilt itineraries designed for top travel destinations, providing a quick and efficient starting point for planning.
  • Customizable Itineraries: Describe your specific travel plans and preferences, and then tailor your itinerary by selecting from available options based on your travel dates, budget, and type of trip.
  • Flight Finder: Utilize the Flight Finder feature to search for and find the best flight deals, making it easier to manage travel costs.
  • Map Preview and Walkthrough: Visualize your travel itinerary with map previews and walkthrough features, which help you better understand the geography of your trip and plan accordingly.
  • Budget Tracking: Keep your travel expenses in check with tools that help you monitor costs and ensure that your trip stays within budget.

Limitations of Explorerg

  • Lack of Collaborative Features: Unlike many other AI travel planners, Explorerg does not support collaborative planning, which may limit its utility for group trips.
  • Limitations in Customization: While it offers custom itinerary generation, Explorerg might not fully accommodate very specific or unusual travel needs.
  • Accuracy Concerns: The information provided by Explorerg, while useful, may not always be completely accurate, which could affect travel planning.

Pricing of Explorerg

  • Free: Explorerg is available at no cost, making it an accessible option for travelers looking to plan their trips without additional financial investment.

Explorerg stands out as a practical tool for travelers who prefer a mix of guided choices and personal input in their travel planning process. Whether you’re planning a quick getaway or a complex journey, Explorerg offers a range of features designed to simplify the planning process and enhance your travel experience.


GuideGeek sets itself apart from traditional AI travel planners by functioning as an AI travel assistant, similar to a chatbot. This unique format allows you to interact with it through conversational queries, making it feel more like chatting with a knowledgeable friend about your travel plans than using a planning tool.

Key Features of GuideGeek

  • Interactive Q&A: Pose any travel-related question and receive detailed answers, from hotel recommendations to tips on avoiding crowds.
  • Travel Recommendations: Ask for suggestions on accommodations, activities, and dining options based on general location data.
  • Travel Tips: Gain insights on how to save money and enhance your travel experience with advice tailored to your questions.
  • Accessible via Messaging Apps: Use GuideGeek directly through popular platforms like WhatsApp or Instagram Messenger, making it highly convenient to access while on the go or planning in casual settings.

Limitations of GuideGeek

  • Lack of Customized Itineraries: GuideGeek does not provide the same level of detailed, customizable itineraries as some other AI travel tools.
  • No Collaborative Features: The tool does not support collaborative itinerary planning, which might be a drawback for group travelers.
  • Fixed Itinerary Outputs: You cannot modify itineraries directly; instead, you must adjust your queries to explore different travel options.
  • Limited Accessibility: There are no mobile app or browser versions, restricting usage to the aforementioned messaging platforms.

Pricing of GuideGeek

  • Free: GuideGeek is available at no cost, providing a budget-friendly option for travelers seeking quick answers and recommendations without the need for detailed itineraries.

GuideGeek is ideal for travelers who prefer a more flexible, on-the-fly approach to travel planning, particularly those who value real-time interaction and straightforward answers over comprehensive pre-planned itineraries. Its use of messaging apps for interaction aligns well with modern communication habits, integrating travel planning into everyday digital conversations.


Curiosio stands out as an exceptional road trip planner designed specifically for travelers who want to map out their journeys with precision and flexibility. By inputting trip details, users can engage with an interactive route map that not only suggests the best paths to take but also allows for customization according to personal preferences and trip constraints.

Top Features of Curiosio

  • Interactive Route Planning: Add the destinations you wish to visit, and Curiosio will suggest the most efficient route, enhancing your road trip experience.
  • Budget and Time Suggestions: Receive guidance on how best to allocate your time and money during your trip, making planning more efficient.
  • Customizable Itineraries: Tailor your journey according to your specific travel preferences and budget constraints, ensuring your itinerary is as unique as your travel desires.
  • Curated Travel Content: Upon entering your destination, Curiosio provides curated content relevant to your trip, inspiring further exploration and discovery.
  • Multiple Plan Options: Input your details once and explore various travel plan options, allowing you to compare and choose the best fit for your adventure.

Limitations of Curiosio

  • Complexity of Use: Due to its detailed and feature-rich interface, Curiosio requires more input from the user compared to simpler tools, which might be a challenge for those seeking quick, straightforward solutions.
  • Lack of Mobile Apps: Currently, Curiosio can only be accessed via a browser, limiting its accessibility for those who prefer using mobile apps for travel planning.

Pricing of Curiosio

  • Free: Curiosio is available for free, providing a cost-effective solution for thorough and engaging road trip planning.

Curiosio is ideal for meticulous planners and road trip enthusiasts who enjoy diving deep into the planning process, providing a rich set of tools to create a trip that is not only efficient but also enriching. Whether you are planning a short drive or a cross-country expedition, Curiosio offers the resources to ensure your journey is well-planned and memorable.


Vacay stands out in the travel planning market as a comprehensive all-in-one solution designed to cater to a variety of travel planning needs. With its blend of a chatbot, an interactive itinerary builder, and thematic advisors, Vacay serves not only casual travelers but also professionals like travel advisors and booking agents. This multifaceted approach allows users to engage with the tool in multiple ways, from generating quick itineraries to obtaining detailed, thematic travel advice.

Key Features of Vacay

  • Interactive Chatbot: Engage with the Vacay chatbot to receive personalized recommendations and answers to your travel queries, streamlining your planning process.
  • Detailed Itinerary Planner: Utilize the interactive itinerary planner to craft detailed travel plans tailored to your preferences and needs.
  • Thematic Advisors: Take advantage of thematic advisors for niche travel planning, such as luxury getaways or pet-friendly vacations, ensuring your trip aligns with specific interests.
  • Comprehensive Travel Resources: Access a wide array of travel resources, from hotel bookings and flight reservations to cruise options, all within the same platform.

Limitations of Vacay

  • Premium Content Accessibility: While Vacay offers a free version, many of its advanced features and premium content are restricted to paid plans, which are only available to U.S.-based customers.
  • Cost Consideration: The price point for Vacay’s premium plans may be viewed as high, especially when compared to similar tools that offer free services.

Pricing of Vacay

  • Free: Offers basic access to the travel planning tools without cost.
  • Premium: Priced at $9.99 per month, this plan includes additional features suitable for more intensive use.
  • Professional: At $49 per month, this tier is aimed at travel professionals seeking extensive resources and capabilities for client management and itinerary customization.

Vacay is ideally suited for a broad spectrum of users, from individuals planning personal trips to professionals orchestrating intricate travel arrangements for clients. Its versatile platform not only enhances the user experience through tailored suggestions and resources but also supports complex travel planning needs with its advanced, albeit premium, features. Whether you’re planning a simple weekend getaway or managing travel itineraries for others, Vacay offers the tools and resources needed to ensure a seamless and efficient travel planning process.


PlanTripAI.com offers a streamlined and user-friendly approach to travel planning, distinguished by its focus on customization and its unique pricing model. This tool tailors travel itineraries to individual traveler profiles by asking detailed questions about travel preferences, transportation modes, and more. It’s a standout option for those looking for a straightforward, yet detailed planning experience without the ongoing costs of subscription services.

Key Features of PlanTripAI.com

  • Customized Itineraries: Simply answer a series of questions, and receive a tailored travel itinerary in seconds, designed to match your specific traveler profile and preferences.
  • Versatile Input Options: The visual form on the interface allows for easy input of travel details, offering numerous options to fine-tune your itinerary according to your exact needs.
  • Flexible Itinerary Use: Once your itinerary is generated, you can download it in various formats like PDF or spreadsheet. You are free to share, use, or even resell these itineraries without any restrictions.
  • Lifetime Access: With a one-time payment, gain lifetime access to advanced features, including the ability to view all past trips and save future ones.

Limitations of PlanTripAI.com

  • License Requirement: To access full features such as viewing and saving past trips, a lifetime license is required.
  • Limited Interactivity: There is no option to modify itineraries directly on the platform, nor can you collaborate with others to co-create travel plans.

Pricing of PlanTripAI.com

  • Free: Basic access is available for free, allowing you to generate and download itineraries.
  • Pro: For a one-time fee of $10, users can purchase a lifetime license, which unlocks additional functionalities like saving and viewing past itineraries.

PlanTripAI.com is an excellent choice for travelers who prefer a no-fuss, long-term solution to travel planning. The tool’s capability to create highly personalized itineraries and its one-off payment model make it a valuable resource for both casual and frequent travelers. Whether you are planning a short trip or a series of journeys, PlanTripAI.com provides a reliable and cost-effective way to organize your travel adventures.


TripBot rounds out our list as an innovative travel planning app that excels in generating detailed itineraries tailored to your preferences. This app is perfect for travelers looking to uncover unique, lesser-known attractions and experiences, thanks to its personalized recommendations and insider tips.

Key Features of TripBot

  • Customized Itineraries: Input your budget, accommodation preferences, and other specific requirements to receive itineraries crafted to suit your needs.
  • Personalized Recommendations: Engage with TripBot to ask travel-related questions and get customized advice that goes beyond standard tourist information, helping you discover hidden gems.
  • Integrated AI Assistants: TripBot offers more than just travel planning; it includes access to other AI assistants, like a writing assistant, enhancing your overall planning experience.

Limitations of TripBot

  • No Offline Access: TripBot does not currently support offline access, which could be a limitation for travelers in areas with poor internet connectivity.
  • Limited Availability: The app is only available on the Google Play Store, restricting its use to Android users.

TripBot is an excellent tool for those who prioritize depth and detail in their travel plans. Its focus on personalization and the addition of other useful AI assistants make it a versatile choice for tech-savvy travelers looking to explore destinations in a more intimate and informed manner. While it has its limitations, such as platform exclusivity and lack of offline functionality, its strengths in creating enriching travel experiences are evident.

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