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Metaverse Revolutionizing

With technology at the center of our lives, we meet brand new concepts every day. Cryptocurrency, NFTs, and the metaverse are just a few of them. The metaverse, which is attracting more and more attention as a virtual world, is actually closely related to the business world. Okay, but how?

In the metaverse, where new professions and workspaces are created, it is seen that the way of working has started to change. Of course, this change directly affects business life. Of course, this effect is not limited to this. Here are the details!

What is the Metaverse?

The Impact of the Metaverse on Businesses

The metaverse, a virtual world where individuals can navigate in three dimensions, merges the realms of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). This concept, which first surfaced in a 1992 science fiction novel, has evolved into a global innovation that organizations and individuals are striving to keep pace with.

Neal Stephenson coined the term in his novel “Snow Crash,” but it vaulted into the spotlight recently when Facebook rebranded to Meta. Mark Zuckerberg’s discussion of upcoming projects within the metaverse further fueled interest. Since then, an ever-growing roster of brands has been eager to establish a presence in the metaverse, signaling a robust trend towards virtual integration in business and social interaction.

Companies are rapidly taking their place in the world of métaverse!

Numerous professionals in the technology sector believe that the metaverse has the potential to supplant the internet. This paradigm shift necessitates a swift adaptation by entities rooted in internet technology. Concurrently, retail brands are devising strategies to carve out their niche within the metaverse. A particular study reveals that 81% of participants regard a brand’s digital presence as equally significant to its physical storefronts.

Various corporate entities across different industries within our nation have declared their initiatives to enter the metaverse. Global giants like Nike, Hyundai, Coca Cola, and Disney are already marking their territories in this burgeoning virtual domain. These brands, spanning diverse sectors, are proactively adapting to this novel ecosystem, heralding a new chapter in digital engagement and commerce.

A new area of employment

In this expansive universe, the demand for a wide array of professional skills has led to the emergence of new employment sectors. For businesses venturing into the metaverse, expertise in both technology and design is deemed crucial. This trend signals the creation of novel job opportunities and professions within the realm of the metaverse.

A diverse range of professional categories, including crypto strategists, software engineers, business development analysts, artists, designers, content creators, virtual architects, and real estate consultants, are anticipated to play significant roles in the metaverse landscape. This development underscores the expanding scope of career possibilities as the digital and virtual worlds continue to evolve.

Metaverse impact on ways of working

As the metaverse evolves, enhancements are being made for a variety of virtual experiences, from avatar-based shopping to attending concerts, viewing NFT art galleries, and more. Yet, among these, the most impactful developments for the business world are likely to be collective events like meetings and presentations. The shift to remote work during the pandemic has already made online collaboration a staple of professional life, but the metaverse is poised to transform this dynamic even further. Envisioned as a virtual office, it offers the possibility for individuals to attend meetings in virtual reality alongside their digital counterparts.

Prominent initiatives in the realm of virtual offices include Meta’s Horizon Workrooms and Microsoft’s ongoing development of Mesh for Teams. These platforms allow employees to gather around a virtual table for meetings from any location, enhancing the sense of presence and collaboration. Additionally, these meetings can be joined not just through avatars but also via live connections, bridging the gap between virtual and physical interaction.

The emergence of the metaverse marks a significant milestone in technological innovation, particularly influencing the business sector. Much like the pandemic accelerated the adoption of hybrid work models, it also played a crucial role in propelling the metaverse concept forward. Online work systems, a necessity during the pandemic, are now evolving into more immersive experiences within the metaverse, indicating a new era of digital engagement in professional settings.

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