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Best AI Image Enhancer & Upscaler Tools

Artificial Intelligence (AI) image and upscaler tools offer a significant advantage in enhancing images and adjusting their sizes. In our digitally driven world, photography remains a central part of our lives, with studies indicating that over one trillion photos are taken each year.

Digital photos play a crucial role, particularly for individuals engaged in areas such as social media, where high-quality images are essential to capture attention. However, many online images are of low quality and riddled with digital noise.

AI has revolutionized image upscaling technology in recent years, simplifying the process of transforming low-resolution images into professional, high-quality ones.

Here’s a look at some of the top AI image enhancer and upscaler tools available on the market:


Best AI Image Enhancer & Upscaler Tools

Icons8 emerges as a standout in the realm of AI-driven image enhancement tools, offering a compelling suite of features for upscaling images effortlessly online. Powered by advanced AI algorithms and machine learning technologies, Icons8 provides users with the capability to magnify their images by 2x or 4x without compromising on quality. This tool is adept at not just enlarging images but also at refining them by automatically correcting imperfections that often become pronounced with increased resolution.

Utilizing a vast initial dataset of 5 million images—a figure that is continuously expanding—Icons8 ensures the upscaling process is refined and results are of high fidelity. The process is remarkably user-friendly; users can simply drag and drop their images onto the platform, where Icons8’s intelligent system takes over, delivering an upscaled image in a matter of seconds. After the upscaling is complete, downloading the enhanced image is just as straightforward.

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Moreover, Icons8 distinguishes itself by incorporating additional features aimed at improving the overall quality of upscaled images. These include sharpening, noise reduction, and automatic correction of imperfections, which are all part of the fully automated upscaling process. This means users can achieve professional-grade enhancements with minimal effort and technical know-how.

Privacy and efficiency are also key components of the Icons8 experience. The platform guarantees the security of the upscaled images, allowing users to access their history and redownload their enhanced photos without overtaxing their GPU resources. Importantly, Icons8 maintains a strict privacy policy, ensuring that users’ images are neither used for further machine learning purposes nor shared or displayed publicly.

The free access to upscale images, combined with the ability to enhance up to 4x in size, positions Icons8 as an invaluable tool for professionals and hobbyists alike. Whether it’s for improving the quality of personal photos, professional photography, or graphic design projects, Icons8 offers a powerful, accessible solution for enhancing image resolution while preserving, and even enhancing, the original quality.

2.Deep Image AI 

Deep Image AI stands out as a versatile and user-friendly AI image upscaling tool, catering to the needs of both desktop and mobile users across Windows, Mac OS, and mobile platforms. Designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind, Deep Image AI offers an accessible online platform for enhancing image quality with just a few clicks.

The service sets a generous cap on the dimensions of upscaled images, allowing for enhancements up to 5000 x 5000 pixels or 25 megapixels, catering to a wide range of needs without sacrificing quality. This limitation ensures that both casual users and professionals alike can significantly enhance their images while maintaining manageable file sizes, whether they are registered users or just stopping by for a quick upscale.

What sets Deep Image AI apart is its reliance on cutting-edge AI algorithms, which power the upscaling process to produce natural-looking photos that retain the essence of the original image. This technology ensures that the upscaled images don’t just increase in size but also improve in overall appearance, texture, and detail, making it an invaluable tool for photographers, graphic designers, and hobbyists looking to breathe new life into their images.

Additionally, Deep Image AI offers API support, opening up a plethora of opportunities for developers to integrate this powerful upscaling tool into their own projects or applications. This feature is particularly appealing for software developers looking to embed image upscaling functionalities directly within their own digital products, providing an added layer of value to their offerings.

Moreover, the platform introduces a bulk editing mode, which is a game-changer for those with multiple images to process. This feature saves time and streamlines the workflow, allowing for the efficient upscaling of numerous images simultaneously without compromising on quality.

Key features of Deep Image AI include:

  • API support, offering seamless integration for developers into various projects.
  • A bulk editing mode, enabling the simultaneous upscaling of multiple images, enhancing workflow efficiency.
  • Advanced AI algorithms, ensuring that upscaled images look natural, preserving the quality and integrity of the original photos.
  • A generous upscaling limit of 25 megapixels, accommodating a broad spectrum of image sizes and types.

In summary, Deep Image AI provides a comprehensive solution for anyone looking to enhance their images through upscaling. Its blend of user-friendly interface, advanced technology, and developer-friendly features make it a standout option for improving image quality in the digital age.

3.VanceAI Image Upscaler

VanceAI presents itself as a notable contender in the field of AI image upscaling, bringing to the table a suite of powerful features designed to enhance photo quality with remarkable efficiency. Among its standout capabilities, the platform’s 8x AI image upscaler shines, enabling users to significantly enhance low-resolution photos without compromising their original quality. This feature is particularly beneficial for photographers and graphic designers looking to improve the clarity and detail of their work.

A unique aspect of VanceAI is its dedicated AI anime upscaler, tailored specifically for anime photos. This specialized tool can magnify small anime images up to 16x, ensuring that even the most intricate details are preserved and enhanced, making it a valuable asset for anime artists and fans alike who wish to refine their favorite images.

VanceAI Image Upscaler also prioritizes user security, a crucial consideration in today’s digital landscape. Processed images are automatically deleted from the system after 24 hours, providing users with peace of mind regarding the privacy and security of their uploaded content.

The process for using VanceAI Image Upscaler is straightforward and user-friendly, aligning with the simplicity offered by other leading tools in the market. Users are required to upload a photo, choose the appropriate AI model and desired magnification level—whether 2x, 4x, or 8x—and initiate the upscaling process. Within moments, the platform delivers a high-resolution version of the image, ready for download.

Key features of VanceAI Image Upscaler include:

  • The ability to upscale images up to 8x without any loss in quality, catering to the needs of users looking to enhance their photos significantly.
  • Advanced techniques to suppress noise and remove blur, ensuring that the upscaled images are not just larger, but also clearer and more defined.
  • Specialized algorithms designed specifically for upscaling anime photos, a feature that sets VanceAI apart for enthusiasts and professionals in the anime community.
  • An automatic compression and resizing mechanism for images exceeding 2000 x 2000 pixels, optimizing them for the upscaling process without user intervention.

In summary, VanceAI Image Upscaler offers a comprehensive and secure solution for improving the quality of images through advanced AI upscaling. Its blend of user-friendly operation, specific enhancements for anime photos, and robust security measures make it an attractive option for a wide range of users looking to elevate their digital images.

4.Let’s Enhance

Let’s Enhance stands as a prominent online AI photo upscaler, distinguished by its ability to achieve 4K upscaling without compromising on quality. This tool leverages advanced AI techniques to not only upscale images up to 16x but also to enhance color vibrancy, recover lost textures and details, and eliminate issues like compression artifacts. Such capabilities position Let’s Enhance as a powerful ally for both professionals and enthusiasts looking to refine and enrich their digital images.

The platform is remarkably user-friendly, offering a free version that simplifies the upscaling process to a mere drag-and-drop action. This accessibility makes it one of the easiest AI image upscalers to navigate, appealing to a broad audience regardless of their technical proficiency.

At its core, Let’s Enhance is adept at reducing noise and other visual disturbances that can detract from an image’s overall clarity and detail. This ensures that the end result is not just larger, but markedly more professional and detailed, meeting the high standards of quality demanded by various digital imagery applications.

Key features of Let’s Enhance include:

  • 4K upscaling capabilities that maintain the original image’s quality, making it ideal for high-resolution displays and professional printing.
  • A suite of enhancements that includes color improvement, texture and detail recovery, and the removal of compression artifacts, thereby breathing new life into every photo.
  • An intuitive, easy-to-use interface that simplifies the upscaling process, making sophisticated photo enhancement accessible to all users.
  • Advanced noise reduction and artifact removal technologies that ensure the upscaled images are clean, clear, and of professional quality.

In summary, Let’s Enhance provides a comprehensive solution for anyone looking to upscale their photos without sacrificing quality. Its combination of user-friendly design, advanced AI-powered enhancements, and free access makes it an invaluable tool for enhancing digital images across a variety of applications.

5.Image Upscaler by BasedLabs

This AI Image Upscaler platform offers a sophisticated solution for transforming lower resolution photos into sharper, higher quality images, enlarging them by up to 4x without compromising detail. Leveraging cutting-edge AI upscaling technology, it empowers users to elevate their images to high-resolution clarity. Designed to generate crystal-clear enlargements from any base image, this tool is adept at meeting both personal and professional enhancement needs.

With its interactive scaling slider and innovative face-swapping features, the platform provides users with a range of versatile tools for customizing and improving their images. Whether the goal is to create amusing viral content or produce photos of a professional caliber, users can achieve their objectives effortlessly with just a few clicks.

Key features of the Image Upscaler include:

  • Instant Upscaling: The ability to quickly upscale images ensures users can achieve their desired outcomes without delay, making it especially useful for time-sensitive projects.
  • User-Friendly Design: Tailored for novice users, the platform offers a straightforward and intuitive interface that simplifies the photo enhancement process, eliminating the need for advanced technical skills.
  • Quality and Resolution Improvement: Supporting up to 4x enhancement, the tool significantly boosts image quality and resolution, making it ideal for a wide range of applications from social media posts to professional presentations.
  • Intuitive Scale Slider: The inclusion of an easy-to-use scale slider enhances the user experience by allowing for precise control over the degree of upscaling, providing flexibility and customization options for various use cases.

This AI Image Upscaler represents a significant advancement in photo enhancement technology, providing an accessible and efficient way for users to improve the quality of their images, tailored to accommodate both beginners and those with a keen interest in photography and image editing.


Waifu2x stands out as a specialized AI image upscaler, particularly renowned among anime enthusiasts for its ability to enhance images using neural network technology. While it’s specifically designed with anime imagery in mind, its capabilities extend to a wide variety of photo types, making it a versatile tool for a broad audience.

One of the key advantages of Waifu2x is its noise reduction feature, which is particularly useful when upscaling images to higher resolutions. This ensures that the end result is not only larger but also clearer and more refined. Furthermore, the tool simplifies the process of enhancing images by allowing users to upscale directly from a URL. This eliminates the need for downloading and uploading images, streamlining the user experience significantly.

As a free-to-use platform, Waifu2x offers accessibility to users looking to improve the quality of their images without any financial commitment.

Key features of Waifu2x include:

  • Ease of Use: Waifu2x offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the upscaling process, making it accessible even to those with little to no technical experience.
  • Anime-Focused: While it’s tailored for anime images, its advanced neural network can effectively upscale any type of image, demonstrating its versatility.
  • Noise Reduction: The tool adeptly removes noise from images during the upscaling process, ensuring that the final product is of the highest possible quality.
  • URL Upscaling: Waifu2x can upscale images directly from URLs, offering convenience and efficiency by bypassing the need to download and upload images.

Waifu2x’s unique combination of features tailored to anime images, alongside its general applicability to various image types, positions it as an invaluable resource for both anime fans and general users seeking to enhance image quality effortlessly.


Upscale emerges as a cutting-edge AI image enhancement tool, designed to elevate the resolution of images without compromising their quality. It boasts the capability to enlarge pictures to up to 4x their original size while infusing them with added details that bring a professional polish and preserve the natural essence of the images.

A standout feature of Upscale is its adeptness at eradicating JPEG artifacts. These artifacts typically emerge through the repeated editing and saving of JPEG images, leading to pixelation and overall quality degradation that results in a fuzzy appearance. Upscale tackles this issue head-on by eliminating the compression artifacts and smoothing out the edges, ensuring that images retain their clarity and visual appeal even after extensive manipulation.

Key features of Upscale include:

  • Ability to Upscale up to 4x: Upscale enables users to magnify their images to four times their original size without losing out on detail or clarity, making it ideal for both personal and professional use.
  • Professional-Quality Images: Through its sophisticated AI algorithms, Upscale adds a layer of detail to images that elevates them to a professional standard, enhancing their visual impact.
  • Preservation of Natural Image Details: Despite the upscaling process, the tool maintains the natural details of the images, ensuring they look authentic and true to their original form.
  • Removal of JPEG Artifacts: Upscale effectively removes the pixelation and degradation known as JPEG artifacts, resulting from the compression of images, thus restoring their original smoothness and clarity.

Upscale’s blend of advanced features makes it an invaluable asset for anyone looking to improve the quality of their images, from amateur photographers to professional graphic designers, ensuring that every image looks its best regardless of its original state.


Cre8tiveAI marks a significant advancement in the realm of image upscaling, offering users the extraordinary capability to enlarge images by up to 16x almost instantaneously. This tool is especially valuable for those looking to enhance small images for high-quality printing, addressing one of the common challenges in the digital and print industry.

What sets Cre8tiveAI apart from traditional upscaling methods is its reliance on deep learning technology. Unlike conventional techniques that merely stretch the image and interpolate pixels, resulting often in loss of quality and clarity, Cre8tiveAI utilizes an AI that has been trained on a vast dataset of high-resolution images. This training allows the AI to infer and recreate the high-quality details from low-resolution images, leading to superior upscaled photos that retain their sharpness and detail.

Key features of Cre8tiveAI include:

  • 16x Upscaling Capability: Cre8tiveAI can significantly enlarge images up to 16x their original size in just a few seconds, making it a powerful tool for enhancing image resolution without degradation.
  • Ideal for Printing: This feature is particularly beneficial for preparing small images for printing, ensuring that even the most minute details are preserved and enhanced for high-quality print outputs.
  • Powered by Deep Learning: The use of deep learning technology enables Cre8tiveAI to upscale images more effectively than traditional methods, by learning from high-resolution examples to accurately fill in the details missing from lower-resolution counterparts.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Designed with ease of use in mind, Cre8tiveAI provides a straightforward and accessible platform for users of all skill levels to enhance their images with minimal effort.

Cre8tiveAI’s blend of advanced AI technology and user-friendly design makes it an excellent choice for photographers, graphic designers, and anyone in need of high-quality image upscaling. Its ability to transform small, low-resolution images into print-ready high-resolution pictures in seconds is a testament to the power of AI in creative processes.


BigJPG distinguishes itself as a specialized AI anime image upscaler, crafted specifically to address the common issue of fuzzy anime images and illustrations. It stands out for its capability to process and upscale anime-related visuals without sacrificing the original quality, a feature that is particularly appealing to fans and creators of anime content.

The tool employs advanced AI techniques to not only upscale images but also to enhance various aspects of them, including colors, details, and edges, ensuring that the final output is not just larger, but visually richer and more appealing. However, it’s worth noting that BigJPG has an upscaling limit of 3000 x 3000 pixels, which, while generous, sets a cap on the maximum size of the upscaled images.

Key features of BigJPG include:

  • Specialization in Anime Images: BigJPG is tailor-made for anime images and illustrations, making it a go-to choice for enhancing this specific genre of visual content.
  • Quality Maintenance in Upscaling: The tool excels at upscaling images and illustrations by maintaining the original quality, ensuring that the upscaled versions are free of the fuzziness that often accompanies enlargement processes.
  • Color, Detail, and Edge Enhancement: BigJPG goes beyond simple upscaling by improving various elements of the image, such as colors, details, and edges, contributing to a more refined and polished final product.
  • 4K Upscaling: Despite the pixel size limit, BigJPG supports upscaling to 4K resolution, offering ample clarity and detail for most applications, from digital viewing to printing.

Designed with the needs of anime enthusiasts and creators in mind, BigJPG offers a powerful solution for enhancing anime images and illustrations, ensuring that they can be appreciated in higher resolutions without losing the essence that makes them unique.

10.HitPaw Photo Enhancer

HitPaw stands out as a top-tier AI image enhancer and upscaler, setting the benchmark for clarity and quality in photo enhancement technology. Designed for both Windows and Mac users, it offers a suite of advanced AI models tailored to address a wide range of photo improvement needs. From fixing blurred photos to enhancing photo quality for any occasion, HitPaw provides a comprehensive solution for professional-level photo enhancement.

One of the platform’s standout features is its AI face enhancer, which utilizes a dedicated face model to perfect facial features and even colorize black-and-white images, effectively breathing new life into old photographs with a simple click. This capability is complemented by a denoise model that leverages powerful AI noise reduction technology to clear up images taken in high-ISO or low-light conditions, and it can even sharpen cartoon images for enhanced clarity.

For general improvements, the tool’s all-purpose model is ideally suited for enhancing images of real scenes, such as landscapes and buildings, ensuring that every detail, from animals to flowers, is presented with crystal-clear quality.

Key features of HitPaw include:

  • Pro-Level AI Image Enhancement: Available for both Windows and Mac, HitPaw is the pinnacle of AI image enhancement, offering unmatched clarity and quality.
  • One-Click Automatic Enhancement: The platform allows for effortless enhancement of image quality and resolution with just a single click, making it accessible to users of all skill levels.
  • Blur and Noise Reduction: HitPaw excels at making pictures less blurry and removing noise, ensuring that every photo is clear and free of unwanted distortions.
  • Quality Preservation in Upscaling: When enlarging and upscaling images, HitPaw ensures there is no loss in quality, maintaining the integrity of the original photo while enhancing its details.

HitPaw’s blend of user-friendly design, cutting-edge AI technology, and versatile photo enhancement capabilities make it an invaluable resource for photographers, designers, and anyone looking to elevate the quality of their images. Whether restoring old family photos or refining recent snapshots, HitPaw delivers professional results with minimal effort.

11.AVC Labs

AVCLabs Photo Enhancer AI emerges as a state-of-the-art image upscaling solution, harnessing the power of deep learning to not only boost image resolution by 400% but also enhance detail and eliminate imperfections such as defects and compression artifacts. Trained on a diverse collection of millions of images spanning various categories like portraits, wildlife, anime, landscapes, and architecture, this tool adeptly upscales a wide array of image types. It ensures the preservation of correct and corresponding details, achieving a natural upscale effect that is seamlessly aligned with the original imagery.

One of the standout features of AVCLabs Photo Enhancer AI is its intelligent noise removal capability. This feature automatically eliminates noise from grainy photos, significantly improving their overall quality without the need for manual adjustments.

Additionally, the AI Face Refinement model is designed to simplify portrait photography enhancement. With just a single click, users can achieve high-quality, stunning portraits by improving skin tone, erasing blemishes, and accentuating features such as eyes and lips, all powered by advanced AI technology.

Key offerings of AVCLabs include:

  • Super-Resolution Upscaling: Effortlessly upscale photo resolution from low to high, achieving a sharp and clear output that maintains the essence of the original photo.
  • Blur and Noise Correction: Skillfully fix blurry photos by removing noise and grain while sharpening the details, enhancing the overall clarity and appeal of the image.
  • AI Face Retouching: The AI Face Retouching tool beautifies portraits and selfies with precision, enhancing skin tones and features without a complicated editing process.
  • AI Photo Colorizer: Bring black and white photos to life with natural colors, revitalizing old or monochrome images with vibrant hues.
  • AI Color Calibration: Address and correct color issues in photos, ensuring accurate and appealing color representation.
  • AI Background Removal: Easily transform photos by removing their backgrounds, creating transparent backdrops for versatile use in various projects.

AVCLabs Photo Enhancer AI stands as a comprehensive tool for anyone looking to elevate their image quality, offering a blend of ease-of-use and professional-grade enhancement features powered by cutting-edge AI technology.

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