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Boost Your Writing Prompts with Artificial Intelligence Apps

To harness the full potential of artificial intelligence tools, it’s crucial to optimize your prompts. How can you do that? Here are the top tools for refining your prompts!

Effective use of AI applications hinges on crafting the right prompts. The clearer, more coherent, and precise your prompts, the more accurate and high-quality responses you’ll obtain from AI tools. Thankfully, there are also AI applications available to assist you in formulating more effective prompts.

Boost Your Writing Prompts with Artificial Intelligence Apps

  • FlowGPT 
  • Alicent A.I. 
  • promptbox 
  • AI Dungeon 
  • Promptly Generated AI 
  • artbreeder


Boost Your Writing Prompts with Artificial Intelligence Apps

Upon visiting the FlowGPT website, you’re immediately presented with a prompt bar at the top. Additional controls and menus are located on the left and bottom for further operations.

To utilize the platform, registration is a must. By clicking the ‘sign up’ button located in the top right corner, you can easily sign in to FlowGPT using your Google, Discord, Twitter, or Linkedin credentials.

Once logged in and directed to the main interface, simply input your desired words into the prompt bar and select ‘create’. This action will lead you to a customization screen for your prompt. Depending on the nature of your input, you can select between ‘prompt’, ‘template’, or ‘character’.

After specifying your choice and hitting ‘create’, a new window provides options to fine-tune your prompt. Alternatively, by selecting ‘chat’ from the left-side menu, you can explore various AI chatbots.

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Venturing into the Chat section reveals a selection of tools including ChatGPT, Llama 2, GPT-4, Google Palm 2, and Pygmalion 13B. Simply pick the one that suits your needs.

On FlowGPT, not only can you craft and share innovative prompts, but you can also delve into a plethora of quality prompts shared by the community.

2.Alicent AI

Alicent AI, a Chrome extension tailored for ChatGPT, offers users a 3-day free trial. Once this period concludes, users are prompted to opt for either a weekly or monthly subscription plan.

To kickstart the extension after installation, simply click the Alicent icon in your Chrome browser.

Within the available options, you have the freedom to select your desired assistant.

Depending on your requirements, you can craft email subjects or draft the main content.

If you wish to incorporate data from a currently open page, just toggle on the ‘use page as context’ feature.

Once you’ve crafted content via Alicent, it’s easy to make edits. Whether for emailing or other purposes, sharing the finalized content is a breeze.

Alicent AI proves invaluable for tasks like virtual assistance, customer support, and live chat integrations.


Upon visiting the PromptBox website, the first thing that catches your eye on the left side is an overview of the free-to-use features of the program. Users are informed about the capability to manage texts with elements like files, colors, and icons. Moreover, a convenient feature lets users archive their created text by simply right-clicking on it and opting for ‘save to library’.

Located at the top right, there’s an ‘add to chrome’ button, allowing users to integrate this tool as an extension to their Google browser. PromptBox stands out by offering features that boost content production efficiency up to tenfold, preserving previously successful prompts, and aiding in crafting inventive prompts tailored for platforms like ChatGPT, Mid-Journey, and Bing Firefly.

4.AI Dungeon

AI Dungeon, a tool beneficial for game developers as well as enthusiasts in the field, is primarily designed for crafting text-based games. Through text commands, users can dictate the game’s narrative and actions.

Upon accessing the AI Dungeon website, detailed instructions on how to utilize the tool are provided at the bottom of the page.

Users can craft characters with specific attributes like age, gender, and other traits. They also have the flexibility to define and customize these characters’ abilities using specific commands.

AI Dungeon empowers users to build extensive databases and even pen their own unique game narratives.

5.Promptly Generated AI

Promptly Generated AI is a tool that enhances the prompts you input into artificial intelligence applications, making them more effective for both visual and textual outputs.

Like many other tools, Promptly Generated AI allows you to save your favorite commands for future use.

Upon visiting the website, you can dive into the tool through the ‘text prompting’ section. Simply input a basic prompt sentence into the provided bar and click ‘generate prompt’. You’re granted a specific number of searches using complimentary tokens.

Once you initiate the process, you can observe the refinement of your initial prompt and see detailed prompt suggestions in the sections below.


For those seeking optimal results from AI tools tailored for image creation, Artbreeder is worth exploring. This platform empowers users to craft distinctive art pieces by blending existing photos and graphics.

Utilizing a genetic algorithm, Artbreeder not only facilitates the creation of these images but also provides digital storage for the artworks. It’s particularly favored by those eager to hone their skills through varied experimentation, especially in terms of crafting prompts.

With Artbreeder, users can uncover potent prompts tailored for producing AI-enhanced visual artworks.

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