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The danger that comes with the Metaverse?

The use of VR headsets continues to grow day by day. So, what is the effect of increasingly popular titles on human health?Recently, the concept of virtual reality has become very popular with the concept of metaverse. While many have not grasped what it is, for many it will be an inevitable technological necessity. Although all this uncertainty continues, big technology companies have allocated huge budgets for VR headsets. But behind all this, there is an overlooked issue. Do VR headsets harm eye health? What potential dangers await?

The danger that comes with the Metaverse
The danger that comes with the Metaverse

Nausea, visual impairment, injuries and more

With televisions becoming a daily part of human life, some stereotypical words have also been derived. Including the myth that many people heard from their elders when they were little, “if you look closely, your eyes will deteriorate”. The direct effect of looking closely on eye health has not yet been proven. However, many studies say that looking closely at the screen causes “eye muscle fatigue”.

When this fatigue in the eye muscles becomes regular, it can cause visual disturbances. Some studies show that looking closely at the screen for a long time triggers the possible development of myopia. VR headsets have a very close screen compared to television tablets and computers. As such, many health institutions are worried about eye health problems that will occur.

VR headsets are already used by many people. One of the most common ailments in people who use it is nausea. Many people have experienced this discomfort, which consists of movement difference, as “car sickness”. Many people’s bodies can adapt to the situation when using a VR headset regularly. However, according to experts, it can also trigger possible stomach upset in some people.

Insurance claims increased by 31 percent due to accidents while using VR headsets

With Metaverse, the use of VR headsets has increased. Many people use these titles at home. However, many people can get too caught up in the world in the VR headset and have an accident. So much so that there has already been news of so many injuries. In these accidents, people not only harm themselves but also harm their environment.

Last week, the insurance company Aviva made an interesting statement on the subject. The company stated that people who use VR headsets have now started to insure the belongings in their homes against accidents. Stating that the insurance rate in household goods increased by 31 percent compared to the same period of the previous year, the company said that televisions are the most insured household goods.

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