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The Danger That Comes With the Metaverse?

The usage of VR headsets is on the rise, especially with the growing popularity of virtual reality in the context of the metaverse concept.

Despite the increasing adoption of this technology, there is a concern about its potential impact on human health, particularly eye health. While many people are still coming to terms with the concept of the metaverse, for others, it seems like an inevitable technological advancement.

Major technology companies have invested significant budgets in the development of VR headsets, but amid this enthusiasm, there’s an overlooked issue – do VR headsets pose a threat to eye health, and what potential dangers might be associated with their use?

Nausea, visual impairment, injuries and more

The Danger That Comes With the Metaverse?

As televisions have become an integral part of daily life, certain stereotypical beliefs have emerged, including the myth passed down from elders that “if you look closely, your eyes will deteriorate.” While the direct impact of looking closely on eye health hasn’t been conclusively proven, many studies suggest that prolonged close screen viewing can lead to “eye muscle fatigue.”

Regular eye muscle fatigue may result in visual disturbances, and some research indicates that extended close screen exposure could potentially contribute to the development of myopia. VR headsets, in particular, have screens that are very close compared to televisions, tablets, and computers, raising concerns among health institutions about potential eye health issues.

The use of VR headsets is widespread, and one common ailment reported by users is nausea. This discomfort, often resembling motion sickness, can be attributed to differences in movement experienced within the virtual environment. While many individuals adapt to using VR headsets regularly, experts warn that it may still induce potential stomach upset in certain individuals.

Insurance claims increased by 31 percent due to accidents while using VR headsets

The Danger That Comes With the Metaverse?

With the rise of the Metaverse, the usage of VR headsets has surged, with many individuals incorporating these technologies into their home environments. However, an unfortunate consequence of immersive virtual experiences is the potential for accidents, leading to injuries and damage to the surrounding environment. Numerous reports have already surfaced detailing such incidents.

In response to this trend, last week, insurance company Aviva made an interesting observation. The company noted that individuals using VR headsets have started to seek insurance coverage for their home belongings against accidents. Aviva reported a 31 percent increase in the insurance rate for household goods compared to the same period in the previous year, with televisions being the most commonly insured items.

The growing interest in insuring household items in the context of VR headset usage raises interesting questions about the evolving relationship between technology, personal safety, and insurance practices. Share your thoughts on this topic on the Metaverseplanet.net or in the comments!

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