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AI Tools for Public Speaking

The incorporation of artificial intelligence tools into the domain of public speaking represents a notable progression. These tools present effective strategies for refining speaking abilities, tackling the usual hurdles encountered by speakers across different experience levels.

Through the application of AI technology, these instruments offer crucial insights into aspects of speech delivery, structuring of content, and engaging with the audience.

In our examination of the top AI public speaking tools, we will uncover a variety of groundbreaking platforms aimed at enhancing different facets of public speaking.


AI Tools for Public Speaking

Yoodli emerges as an innovative, AI-powered public speaking coach, transforming the way individuals improve their communication abilities. Offering private, real-time coaching and feedback, Yoodli provides a stress-free platform for users to hone their speaking skills away from the scrutiny of a live audience. Its credibility is underscored by the trust it has garnered from over 100,000 professionals and employees across various industries, highlighting its effectiveness and dependability.

At the heart of Yoodli’s appeal is its personalized analytics, which meticulously analyze a speaker’s visual, verbal, and vocal performance, delivering precise, actionable insights. The versatility of Yoodli makes it ideal for a wide array of situations, including online meetings, job interviews, presentations, and sales pitches, establishing it as a versatile asset for all communication requirements.

Yoodli’s Key Features:

  • Advanced Analytics: Yoodli offers comprehensive evaluations of a speaker’s style, including the pacing of speech and usage of filler words, essential for refined communication.
  • Real-Time Coaching: Yoodli stands out with its ability to provide immediate, private coaching during live presentations, enabling users to enhance their skills in the moment.
  • Customized Audience Settings: The platform boasts AI-generated audience settings and follow-up queries, creating varied practice environments to better prepare users for real-world engagements.
  • Progress Tracking: Users can track their speaking progress over time with Yoodli, encouraging ongoing refinement of public speaking abilities.
  • Ease of Access: As a free desktop application, Yoodli is easily accessible, making it a favored tool for anyone seeking to improve their speaking prowess, akin to having a “Grammarly for speech.”

Yoodli positions itself as an all-encompassing public speaking improvement solution, catering to anyone eager to elevate their communication skills.


Orai distinguishes itself as a cutting-edge, AI-infused application aimed at elevating public speaking and communication competencies. It merges interactive learning experiences with advanced speech analysis to offer instantaneous feedback on users’ performances. Tailored for a spectrum of proficiency levels, Orai customizes its teaching to enrich users’ confidence, clarity, pacing, voice modulation, and to diminish the reliance on filler words.

The app enjoys popularity among individuals and organizations alike, who are keen on amplifying their speaking skills, conquering fears associated with public speaking, and reinforcing essential communication strategies. Orai’s adaptability renders it an invaluable resource for both personal enhancement and professional growth, garnering praise for its effectiveness in nurturing more confident and eloquent speakers.

Key Features of Orai:

  • Interactive Learning: Orai captivates users with interactive and stimulating lessons, transforming the learning journey into a fun and engaging experience.
  • In-depth Speech Analysis: The app conducts thorough analyses of users’ speeches, providing precise and immediate feedback for continuous improvement.
  • Personalized Learning Journey: Orai adapts to each user’s current skill set, offering customized lessons designed to facilitate consistent and pertinent advancements.
  • Holistic Skill Enhancement: It emphasizes critical public speaking attributes such as boosting confidence, enhancing clarity, mastering pacing, improving voice quality, and reducing unnecessary filler words.
  • Broad User Base: Orai caters to a wide demographic, including individual learners and large corporations, aiming at both personal and professional development.
  • Demonstrated Success: The app is celebrated for its tangible impact on users’ speaking abilities, fostering increased self-assurance and better articulation.

Orai stands as an all-inclusive, adaptable platform for public speaking improvement, employing AI to deliver a tailored and impactful learning experience.


Gabble stands out as a cutting-edge, AI-enhanced communication coaching application dedicated to bolstering both speaking and listening abilities in a confidential and supportive environment. The app excels in providing tailored feedback and actionable advice, designed to render its users more eloquent and effective communicators. It serves as an exemplary tool for those eager to sharpen essential soft skills, overcome fears associated with public speaking, and emerge as more influential communicators.

Central to Gabble’s philosophy is fostering user growth and confidence, creating a non-judgmental space where individuals are encouraged to practice and advance their communication prowess. The app has received acclaim from a broad spectrum of users, including students and professionals, who have reported notable improvements in their speaking abilities and overall self-confidence.

Key Features of Gabble:

  • Personalized Feedback: Gabble prides itself on offering individualized guidance and feedback, concentrating on the unique development needs of each user.
  • Real-Time AI Conversations: The platform enables real-time interactions with AI, providing a dynamic and interactive platform for speech practice.
  • Vocabulary Expansion: Gabble places a strong emphasis on enhancing vocabulary, assisting users in improving their choice of words and manner of expression.
  • Safe Practice Environment: It provides a secure and positive setting for users to practice their communication skills without fear of judgment.
  • Broad Applicability: Gabble has proven itself as an invaluable asset to thousands, including students and professionals, aiming to improve their communicative effectiveness.

Gabble illustrates the transformative potential of AI in fostering personal growth, presenting a comprehensive solution for individuals seeking to refine their communication skills in today’s fast-paced world.

4.Virtual Orator

Virtual Orator emerges as a groundbreaking tool in the domain of public speaking enhancement, employing virtual reality (VR) technology to craft immersive training scenarios. This innovative application enables users to rehearse their speeches before virtual audiences, thus mirroring real-life speaking situations. With customizable settings such as different venues, audience sizes, and behaviors, Virtual Orator adapts to the distinct preparation needs of each user.

A particularly impressive feature of Virtual Orator is its ability to record sessions, capturing both the virtual setting and the speaker via webcam. This functionality proves essential for those looking to critically assess their performances or share them for external feedback. Accessible on VR platforms like SideQuest and Steam, Virtual Orator is available to a broad audience of VR headset users.

Key Features of Virtual Orator:

  • VR Audience Simulation: Creates a lifelike public speaking experience within various virtual settings, aiding users in practicing under realistic conditions.
  • Customizable Practice Sessions: Allows users to modify the virtual environment, audience size, and audience behavior to align with their specific training objectives.
  • Integrated Recording Capability: Enables recording of both the virtual scene and the speaker, facilitating in-depth performance analysis and the opportunity for feedback from others.
  • Broad Accessibility: With availability on renowned VR platforms such as SideQuest and Steam, Virtual Orator reaches a diverse user base with varying VR equipment.
  • Anxiety Reduction: Serves as an effective tool for individuals looking to diminish public speaking anxiety or polish pivotal presentations.

Virtual Orator distinguishes itself as a novel and engaging approach to public speaking training, providing a versatile and secure space for individuals to enhance their oratory skills.


Verble introduces a novel approach to speech preparation, revolutionizing the process with an AI-powered assistant that engages users in a conversational interaction. This dialogue serves as the foundation for a streamlined speech development procedure.

The assistant engages users through targeted questioning, stimulating them to express their ideas, comprehend their audience, and crystallize their message. These responses are then ingeniously crafted into a structured and cohesive speech draft. Distinguishing Verble is its integration of wisdom from seasoned speech coaches who have analyzed the techniques of the world’s most esteemed speakers.

Verble is engineered to support a wide array of speaking occasions, proving invaluable for crafting business pitches, delivering keynote addresses, creating memorable wedding speeches, and preparing specialized presentations, including those in the medical domain. Its simplicity and forward-thinking methodology render it an indispensable asset for anyone seeking to compose persuasive speeches with efficiency and ease.

Key Features of Verble:

  • AI-Driven Chat Interface: Facilitates a conversational method for speech preparation, making the process both engaging and user-friendly.
  • Customized Speech Development: The AI assistant poses relevant questions to assist users in refining their ideas, ensuring the speech resonates with the audience and fits the event.
  • Incorporation of Expert Strategies: Leverages insights from accomplished speech coaches, enhancing the content’s quality and impact.
  • Flexible Application: Equally adept at accommodating various types of speaking engagements, from professional presentations to personal celebrations.
  • Ease of Access: With its platform available online, Verble offers the convenience of preparing speeches from anywhere, at any time, surpassing traditional coaching methods in accessibility.

Verble stands out as a cutting-edge tool for speech preparation, blending advanced technology with expert knowledge to simplify the creation of compelling speeches.

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