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Peugeot Enhances i-Cockpit with ChatGPT AI

Peugeot is pushing the boundaries of innovation and technological offerings to its customers more than ever, incorporating the cutting-edge generative artificial intelligence technology, ChatGPT, into its latest models.

ChatGPT, a leading technology developed by OpenAI, stands for “Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer.” It is widely used across various sectors today, drawing from a vast data pool to deliver advanced, precise, and succinct responses to users.

Within Peugeot’s new generation i-Cockpit, this user-friendly AI is seamlessly integrated into the touchscreen interface, offering a natural and straightforward interaction through the built-in voice assistant.

It is enough to use the phrase “OK PEUGEOT”

To activate ChatGPT in Peugeot vehicles, users simply need to say “OK PEUGEOT” followed by their voice command. ChatGPT is designed to engage in conversations with users, capable of addressing a wide range of inquiries from basic to complex. For instance, upon arriving in a new city, users can ask ChatGPT for recommendations on which monuments to visit and even learn about the history of these sites.

Furthermore, the car’s navigation system can then guide the user to the desired location based on the information provided by ChatGPT. But the capabilities of ChatGPT extend beyond just answering questions. If children are becoming restless during long trips, users can request ChatGPT to create a quiz tailored to the children’s interests. This artificial intelligence feature can provide hours of entertainment in a matter of seconds, enhancing the driving experience significantly.

Opening the doors to a new experience

Peugeot is enhancing the voice assistant experience in its vehicles by incorporating the ChatGPT artificial intelligence, making interactions more engaging, seamless, and intuitive. The company is rolling out ChatGPT across the i-Cockpit of all its forthcoming models that come with connected navigation. The models set to feature this innovative technology include the New 208, New 2008, New 308, New 308SW, New 408, New 508, New 508 SW, New E-3008, New E-RIFTER, New E-TRAVELLER, New E-Partner, New E-Expert, and the upcoming New E-5008.

PEUGEOT customers who own eligible models can activate ChatGPT through the PEUGEOT Service Store, depending on their country and region. Shortly after its introduction in a first-phase pilot in countries such as France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and the UK, over 50 percent of PEUGEOT customers in these locations have subscribed to the generative AI feature for their vehicles.

Encouraged by this initial success, PEUGEOT has decided to expand the campaign, offering the service for free for 6 months to 10,000 users, doubling the initial cap of 5,000. Following this phase, PEUGEOT plans to make ChatGPT available to all customers with compatible connected vehicles, taking into consideration the feedback received from users.

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