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Artificial Intelligence’s Impact: Trouble for China, Sanctions Imminent

Tensions are escalating between the USA and China over advancements in artificial intelligence, potentially leading to a new semiconductor chip war.

The USA has turned its attention to Huawei’s Mate 60 series, which boasts 5G capabilities powered by its Kirin 9000S chipset.

After scrutinizing the company, the US government claims that it lacks the domestic technology to produce such a 5G chip. As a result, the USA might be considering imposing new sanctions on China.

There will be a chip war between the USA and China

US President Biden and his administration are reportedly considering new sanctions against China, amid concerns over the Asian nation’s efforts to gain access to cutting-edge semiconductor chips. These sanctions would mainly target chips used in artificial intelligence applications.

The criteria for these impending sanctions are based on technical aspects such as processing capacity and performance metrics. According to the proposed regulations, US-based chip manufacturers would need to inform the Commerce Department before fulfilling orders from Chinese entities.

After gathering input from insiders in the tech industry, official representatives will assess whether these exports could pose a threat to national security. Such measures could result in the expansion of existing sanctions on notable Chinese firms like Huawei and ZTE.

The emphasis on performance intensity in US sanctions is designed to prevent Chinese firms from sidestepping these measures by sourcing modified components. This could stifle advancements in fields like artificial intelligence and high-performance computing for both nations.

Despite facing sanctions, Huawei’s development of the Kirin chips indicates the heightened scrutiny the US is placing on the matter. While consumer-end devices might be exempt, these restrictions play a pivotal role in the broader power struggle, impacting both China’s economic and military ascendancy.

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