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Top 15 Best AI Song Generator Tools for Music Creation

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly advancing into the realm of the arts, encompassing music, film, and various artistic expressions. This technological integration is poised to transform every aspect of music production, from the composition and audio mastering processes to the modes of music distribution.

AI is providing budding musicians with innovative tools to accelerate their creative endeavors. Within the music industry, AI is being welcomed as a tool that enhances, rather than replaces, human creativity.

A diverse group of experts, academics, musicians, and record companies are keenly exploring innovative ways to integrate AI technology with musical creativity.

There are software programs capable of mimicking the styles of classical composers, while others leverage machine learning to create entirely new compositions and sounds.

This article explores the landscape of AI-powered music generators, showcasing the leading software options available for producing music in your desired genre.

Top 15 Best AI Song Generator Tools for Music Creation

  • Mubert
  • Melody Sauce
  • AİVA
  • AI Music Pro
  • Boomy
  • ORB
  • Chrome Song Make
  • Evoke Music
  • ecrett Music
  • Sound Drawings
  • Amadeus Topline
  • Loudly
  • Melobayt
  • OpenAI Jukebox


Top 15 Best AI Song Generator Tools for Music Creation

LANDR is an online audio mastering platform that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to streamline the mastering process.

It enables audio experts like producers and musicians to upload their tracks and swiftly obtain a polished, mastered version. The service applies advanced algorithms, informed by professional audio engineering expertise, to refine various audio elements including EQ, compression, stereo enhancement, and overall loudness, ensuring the track sounds its best across different playback systems and services.

Beyond mastering, LANDR offers collaborative tools for producers and artists and also provides distribution capabilities, allowing users to seamlessly integrate their music into streaming platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify.

Premium pricing on the LANDR platform starts at $12.50 per month (billed annually).


Mubert stands as a cutting-edge AI music generation platform, empowering users to craft unique music pieces by manipulating settings such as genre, mood, and pace.

This service provides a selection of ready-to-use compositions while also allowing for personalization and the option to download the resulting music. It harnesses artificial intelligence and machine learning to produce a variety of distinctive, real-time music experiences.

Spanning a spectrum of musical styles from electronic to hip-hop, rock, and jazz, Mubert also gives users the flexibility to modify track tempos and moods to suit their specific needs.

The platform is versatile, proving useful for an array of purposes including but not limited to, music production, film scoring, and crafting soundscapes for video games.

You can get started for free, and premium pricing starts at $14 per month.

3.Melody Sauce

Melody Sauce is an AI-powered music generation tool that excels in crafting distinctive melodies.

By processing the preferences provided by the user, it employs machine learning to compose melodies that align with the user’s stylistic choices.

The platform gives users the capability to fine-tune their music by adjusting aspects such as tempo, instrumentation, and key. It serves as an ideal resource for music producers and songwriters aiming to quickly and seamlessly generate new melodic ideas.

Its utility is particularly notable for creatives seeking melodic inspiration while desiring the freedom to develop their own chord progressions and musical arrangements.

You can purchase the software for $69.62.


AIVA is an AI music composition platform that empowers users to create original music by setting parameters such as genre, tempo, and instrumentation.

It offers a variety of styles and can generate music suitable for a wide range of applications, including advertisements, podcasts, and video games.

AIVA sets itself apart from other AI music platforms by claiming the ability to generate music in any style, whether specifically trained in that style or not.

It provides a suite of tools for editing and customizing the tracks produced, including the ability to change instrumentation and tempo.

Furthermore, AIVA introduces a feature called “MoodMaker,” which allows users to input a specific mood or emotion and then generates a piece of music that evokes the entered sentiment.

You can start using it for free, and premium pricing begins at €15 + VAT per month.

5.AI Music Pro

“AI Music Pro” is an AI music creator that offers professional songwriters suggestions for melodies and harmonies.

Available for iPhone and iPad, the AI Music Pro app allows you to create music tailored to your desired mood and tempo.

You can use one of the chord sequences as a starting point for melodies, and then personalize the entire piece by making alterations. You can further refine the melodies by recording and adding a vocal top line.

There’s no need for a login or registration to use this software, and all of your data is kept confidential for security purposes, ensuring that only you can access it from your smartphone.

The download is free for everyone.


Boomy is a creator tool aimed at helping novices by removing barriers in their musical career paths, enhancing their chances of success within the music industry, and providing a potent opportunity for earnings.

Users can generate and upload songs within seconds. With Boomy’s connections to over 40 popular websites worldwide, users are able to collect streaming revenues.

Like SoundDraw, it provides free music to all users. Users can create music online but are unable to download it to their devices.

The beauty of Boomy lies in its simplicity: it streamlines the process from composing your music to uploading it on sites like Spotify and TikTok and then earning from it.

It is free to use for everyone.


Orb Composer harnesses the latest Artificial Intelligence technology for music composition. It is designed to provide inspiration and assist you in generating ideas and songs more swiftly than any other software option on the market.

It likely encompasses all chord progressions commonly used in popular music, making this extensive collection of chord progressions available with the AI music creator.

This tool is intended for artists eager to explore their creativity through AI music generators and for beginners curious about new musical genres.

Users can utilize the six provided music templates to craft various music blocks. It also aids in the development of new music genres.

The software is available for purchase at €49.

8.Chrome Song Make

Chrome Song Maker is not an AI music generator, but it still enables everyone, including amateurs, to create music according to their preferences.

It allows its users to compose music even if they are not familiar with pitch, rhythm, or notes. This is achieved by creating a unique interface where beats are placed on the X-axis and tones on the Y-axis.

Users should enter all the data into the provided square boxes within the grid layout provided to make great music. There are five tone instruments available: synth, piano, marimba, strings, and woodwinds.

It also features four percussion options, including blocks, congas, a drum kit, and electronic beats. The user interface is simple to use and includes a variety of percussive and tonal instruments to produce excellent music.

It is free for everyone to use.

9.Evoke Music

Evoke Music is another option that leverages artificial intelligence to produce music for films, games, podcasts, and other media.

Users can access a range of capabilities depending on their subscription packages, from context-aware music to unique tracks added on an hourly basis.

It has a robust monetization architecture, meaning that users are compensated for creating original music on the platform, as this is considered a contribution to the site.

It is distinguished by its dedicated music generator tool that produces more original compositions than many other programs. You can generate your own music simply by inputting keywords.

The platform’s premium pricing begins at $8 per month.

10.ecrett Music

This online AI music composer simplifies the process of creating stunning soundtracks for videos. All you need to do is upload the video for which you want to create music, and select the type of scene and mood you’re targeting.

Available scenarios such as Party, Travel, and Fashion, come with mood options that span from cheerful to somber.

Once you’ve made your selection, just click on the “Create Music” button. The platform will then instantly generate a soundtrack tailored for your video.

It provides the capability to craft music for any video or game project you might be undertaking. Additionally, it features a royalty-free music generator, ensuring you won’t face any licensing issues. The content on this website is curated by well-known composers and artists.

You can begin using it at no cost, and the premium subscription options commence at $7.99 per month.

11.Sound Drawings

Sounddraw, which boasts the capability to substitute existing songs with AI-generated segments, is a notable contender in the realm of AI music generators.

Leveraging a synergistic blend of artificial intelligence and an array of manual tools, the platform facilitates the effortless creation and modification of new musical pieces.

The website features a customization tool that empowers you to experiment with and refine your musical creations. While the song generator is freely accessible to all users, the privilege of unlimited downloads is reserved for subscribers.

It is equipped with an intuitive user interface that embodies simplicity and creativity, allowing for up to 50 downloads per day. There are plugins available for Premiere Pro and Google Chrome, enhancing the functionality of this platform.

You can start using it for free, and the premium plans begin at $19.99 per month.

12.Amadeus Topline

Any music enthusiast can harness the capabilities of Amadeus Code to create music. This iOS-based software allows for the swift generation of new melodies.

It is powered by an AI engine that encompasses chord progressions from some of the world’s most iconic melodies. You can utilize these as the building blocks for creating new musical compositions.

You can also employ gestures with the AI music creator to produce new songs or to replicate certain sections of pre-recorded tracks.

While you can transfer audio and MIDI files to sound editing tools, each song requires an individual purchase.

The app is available for download free of charge for everyone.


Loudly provides the capability to produce studio-quality music in just a few seconds.

Trained on a repertoire of over 8 million music tracks, the Loudly AI Studio utilizes our database of 5 sound samples to generate sophisticated musical compositions in under 150,000 seconds.

After selecting your style and setting your preferences, you’ll have melodies at your disposal that you can endlessly tweak and make your own. The compositions can be exported in MP3, WAV, and stem formats.

Pricing is not listed on the website; please contact the vendor for details.


Melobytes is another free music creator, offering a plethora of customization options for crafting unique compositions each time.

The term “independent” refers to someone who doesn’t work for the government. It also includes the capability to produce a music video for your song, which is quite impressive.

You can also adjust your vocal settings, audio parameters, and visual options as needed. You can apply effects like echo and reverb to give your song a distinctive edge.

It’s available for use by everyone at no cost.

15.OpenAI Jukebox

OpenAI’s Jukebox is an advanced language model developed by OpenAI, adept at generating music and lyrics that resemble the quality of human creation.

Trained on a dataset comprising nearly a million songs, it can craft original pieces across a spectrum of genres such as pop, jazz, and hip-hop. The distinctive feature of OpenAI Jukebox lies in its ability to compose both the melody and words of a song.

Employing a suite of machine learning methods, including transducers and autoregressive models, it generates coherent and stylistically faithful music and lyrics.

A key aim of OpenAI Jukebox is to democratize music creation, allowing individuals without formal musical training to produce music of professional caliber. With just a computer and internet access, OpenAI Jukebox empowers anyone to be a music producer.

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