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Top 9 AI Resume Builders & CV Builders

In the competitive job market of today, having an effective resume is more crucial than ever. AI-powered resume builders bring to the table advanced features and customization options, enabling the creation of compelling resumes tailored to specific job requirements. These innovative tools are adept at navigating challenges such as beating applicant tracking systems, making them a pivotal asset for job seekers aiming to land their dream positions.

There exists a multitude of AI-powered resume builders designed to craft standout resumes that showcase your skills and experience. Leveraging artificial intelligence, these tools analyze your skills, experience, and the demands of the job to produce a resume that’s customized to your profile. This article will delve into 9 AI-powered resume builders that promise to aid in crafting a professional and impactful resume.

Whether you’re freshly graduated or a seasoned professional, these resume builders are equipped to help you forge a resume that captures the attention of potential employers. Utilizing artificial intelligence, each of these tools is geared towards accentuating your skills and achievements. Many offer extra perks like custom templates, career advice, and cover letter generators. Select the one that best fits your requirements and embark on the journey to creating your resume today.

Best AI Resume Builders

  • My Excellent Resume
  • Novoresum
  • Enhancv Resume builder
  • CakeResume
  • VisualCV Resume builder
  • Resume-Now
  • Job screening
  • Resume builder

Top 9 AI Resume Builders & CV Builders is a complimentary online resume builder that employs artificial intelligence technology to assist in crafting resumes tailored to your skills and experiences. It boasts a vast selection of customizable templates, enabling easy modifications to suit your needs.

A key feature of is its ability to pinpoint the most relevant keywords for your desired job role. This is particularly beneficial for applications to roles demanding specific technical or industry-specific skills.

Furthermore, provides a variety of editing tools, allowing for personal customization of your resume. You have the flexibility to add or remove sections, alter the layout, and even introduce custom sections, facilitating the creation of a resume that showcases your unique talents and experiences.

Related Articles also offers a complimentary resume evaluation service, delivering personalized feedback on your resume. This includes recommendations for enhancements and identifying areas for improvement.

In conclusion, stands out as an ideal resource for job seekers aiming to swiftly and easily construct a professional resume. With its AI-driven features and customizable templates, it aids in producing a resume that is likely to capture the attention of prospective employers.

2.My Perfect Resume 

My Perfect Resume is an AI-powered resume writing service that offers professional resume templates and guidance to help create a personalized resume. It features both a CV builder and versions, including a free option with basic functionalities and a paid version with enhanced features.

This AI-driven platform provides an extensive selection of versatile templates suitable for various industries and career levels. It also includes numerous features designed to assist in the development of your resume.

A notable aspect of MyPerfectResume is its AI-generated writing suggestions, tailored specifically to your resume’s content. This feature is particularly useful for those unsure about how to approach certain sections of their resume or wishing to emphasize particular skills or experiences.

MyPerfectResume offers both complimentary and subscription-based services. The free version includes access to templates, text editing, and printing capabilities. However, for access to more comprehensive features such as unlimited downloads, cover letter templates, and the ability to share resumes online, the paid version is required.

In summary, MyPerfectResume stands out as a user-friendly option for individuals in search of a resume builder that can accurately reflect their skills and experiences. It is well-suited for anyone from recent graduates to seasoned professionals, aiming to create a resume that effectively showcases their qualifications.


Top 9 AI Resume Builders & CV Builders

Novoresume is an advanced resume builder that leverages artificial intelligence to assist in creating standout resumes. Tailored to your industry and experience level, it provides a variety of resume templates and offers recommendations for optimal keywords to include. This state-of-the-art AI resume builder features adaptable templates meant to fit various industries and career phases, making the resume crafting process smoother.

A key highlight of Novoresume is its AI-driven keyword optimization. This feature scrutinizes the content of your resume and suggests the most pertinent keywords based on your industry and background, which is invaluable for applications to roles with specific technical or industry requirements.

Moreover, Novoresume comes equipped with numerous editing tools that enable personalized resume adjustments. Users have the freedom to add or remove sections, alter the layout, and even insert custom segments, thereby facilitating a resume that effectively reflects diverse talents and experiences.

Novoresume stands as a superior choice for job seekers aiming to swiftly and easily develop a professional resume. With its user-friendly, customizable templates and AI-enhanced features, it supports the creation of compelling resumes that are likely to capture the interest of prospective employers.

4.Enhancv Resume builder

Enhancv is an AI-powered resume builder that delivers personalized recommendations to elevate your resume. It features a wide array of templates and design choices for crafting a professional-looking resume. As a cutting-edge online AI resume builder, Enhancv employs artificial intelligence to aid job seekers in creating customized, standout resumes. The platform provides a selection of modifiable templates and design options, enabling the creation of a resume that aligns with your personal style and professional ambitions.

A standout feature of Enhancv is its AI-driven resume analysis. This tool assesses your resume’s content and offers bespoke suggestions for enhancements, considering your industry, background, and career objectives. This guidance is particularly beneficial for those uncertain about structuring their resume or keen to emphasize certain skills or experiences.

Furthermore, Enhancv introduces the capability to produce interactive resumes. This innovative feature allows the incorporation of videos, images, and links, rendering the resume more captivating and dynamic. This can be a significant advantage for applicants in creative or design-focused fields.

Overall, Enhancv presents an exceptional option for job seekers in search of an AI-enhanced resume builder. With its array of customizable templates, design options, personalized advice, and interactive features, Enhancv empowers you to craft an impressive resume that attracts the notice of potential employers.


CakeResume is an AI-powered application designed to facilitate the creation of personalized resumes with just a few clicks. It boasts an array of templates and design choices to render your resume both visually appealing and reader-friendly. As a straightforward resume generator, CakeResume employs AI technology to assist job seekers in swiftly and effortlessly crafting professional resumes. The platform offers a broad spectrum of adaptable templates and design options, enabling the development of a resume that reflects your personal style and professional objectives.

One of the key highlights of CakeResume is its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, which greatly simplifies the resume creation process. This user-friendly feature allows for easy addition or removal of sections, modification of the layout, and customization of content with minimal effort. Moreover, the platform provides diverse design options, including a variety of font styles, colors, and graphics, to ensure your resume not only captures attention but is also easy to navigate.

Additionally, CakeResume’s AI Resume generator analysis stands out by evaluating your resume content and offering customized improvement suggestions. These recommendations are based on your industry, background, and career aspirations, offering invaluable assistance in structuring your resume or emphasizing particular skills or experiences effectively.

6.VisualCV Resume builder

visualcv – cv builder

VisualCV is an AI-powered resume builder that offers professional resume templates and personalized recommendations to help you craft a resume that showcases your skills and experience. It provides a broad array of customization options, making it a comprehensive tool for creating a standout CV. VisualCV utilizes AI technology to assist in developing a resume that accentuates your skills and experiences. The platform features a variety of adaptable templates, enabling you to select a design that best fits your professional image.

A significant feature of VisualCV is its AI-driven resume analysis. This tool evaluates your resume’s content and delivers tailored suggestions for enhancements, taking into account your industry, background, and career objectives. This guidance is particularly beneficial for individuals uncertain about how to effectively format their resume or aiming to spotlight particular skills or experiences.

Furthermore, VisualCV offers a unique capability to track your resume’s performance. This feature allows you to monitor how often your resume is viewed, identify which sections garner the most interest, and even see which companies have looked at your resume. This functionality is invaluable for job seekers actively pursuing employment and wishing to gauge the impact of their resume in real-time.


Resume-Now is an AI-powered CV writer that offers personalized resume templates and recommendations to make your resume stand out. It also offers a cover letter generator and interview preparation resources. Resume-Now is an AI-powered CV builder that helps job seekers create a professional and effective resume. The platform offers a wide range of personalized resume templates and recommendations to ensure that your resume highlights your skills and experience in the best possible light.

One of the standout features of Resume-Now is its easy-to-use interface. The platform provides step-by-step guidance and prompts to help you create a resume quickly and easily. The resume builder also offers real-time content suggestions and customization options, making it easy to tailor your resume to specific job opportunities.

Another great feature of Resume-Now is its resume scanning technology. The platform scans your resume for common mistakes and offers suggestions for improvement. This can help ensure that your resume is error-free and tailored to specific job opportunities.


Jobscan is an AI-enhanced resume builder designed to optimize your resume for the specific job you are applying for. By analyzing your resume and comparing it with the job description and relevant keywords, Jobscan provides targeted suggestions for improvement. This AI-driven platform is tailored for job seekers aiming to refine their resumes to match particular job listings closely.

A key feature of Jobscan is its capacity to pinpoint pertinent keywords and phrases by scrutinizing both your resume and the job description. It then offers advice on incorporating these keywords and phrases into your resume. This strategic approach ensures your resume is customized for specific job openings, increasing its likelihood of capturing the attention of potential employers.

Moreover, Jobscan’s job matching tool is another notable functionality. It allows you to search for job opportunities based on criteria like location, industry, and level of experience. The platform then presents a curated list of job postings, enabling you to assess how well your resume aligns with each posting’s requirements. This feature is particularly useful for job seekers looking to understand how their qualifications stack up against the competition and make necessary adjustments to enhance their job application. Resume builder is a complimentary online resume builder that harnesses AI technology to assist in crafting professional-looking resumes swiftly. It provides an assortment of templates and customization options, enabling the creation of a resume that accurately showcases your skills and experiences. As a free online CV builder, is designed to aid job seekers in quickly and easily preparing their professional resumes. The platform features a selection of adaptable templates, which can be customized to meet your unique needs and preferences.

In addition to template customization, offers various options for personalization, including choices in font style, size, and color scheme. This allows you to design a resume that not only highlights your professional qualifications but also reflects your personal brand and style.

Furthermore, provides multiple export options, making it convenient to save your resume in PDF or HTML format or to share it online through a custom URL. This functionality streamlines the distribution of your resume to potential employers, recruiters, and within your professional network, enhancing your job search and networking efforts.

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