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Binance Invests In This NFT And Metaverse Coin!

Alethea AI, a smart NFT infrastructure service provider, announced today that it has received an undisclosed investment from Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Growth Fund. Alethea AI said the two companies will work together on the metaverse, the NFT ecosystem, and the joint development of artificial intelligence (AI) and non-fungible token (NFT). In addition to this, BSC Growth Fund has also acquired a number of metaverse and NFT focused coins from ALI. As , we convey the details…

Investment from BSC fund in metaverse coin project


Receiving an undisclosed investment from BSC Growth Fund, Alethea AI has raised $16 million from Alameda, Multicoin and LD Capital. On October 12, Binance launched a $1 billion cryptocurrency growth fund to support the BSC chain and facilitate the convergence of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology.

Alethea AI is building the world’s first intelligent metaverse blocked by Intelligent and Interactive NFTs. As the creator of the decentralized iNFT protocol, Alethea AI is described as cutting-edge in transferring AI animation, interaction and productive AI capabilities to NFTs. Community members can create, train and earn from iNFTs in the intelligent metaverse called Noah’s Ark. Alethea AI’s Medium post includes the following statements about the partnership:

Binance Smart Chain and Alethea AI will join forces to continue to build a strong community together. Noah’s Ark, the first Smart Metaverse, and the entire iNFT Protocol will benefit from the Binance ecosystem.

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