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More AI integration to Google Maps

Google Maps is set to enhance user experience with the integration of new artificial intelligence capabilities. Here’s what you need to know:

Google is introducing a series of enhancements to Google Maps, centered around artificial intelligence. The feature, formerly recognized as “Search with Live View,” has been rebranded as “Lens on Maps.

” This innovation merges augmented reality with artificial intelligence, facilitating rapid identification of surrounding locales.

This feature coming to Google Maps is being expanded to include more than 50 new cities.

Furthermore, enhancements to the displays of buildings and landmarks, along with user interface refinements like color modifications and enriched lane information, will roll out in 12 nations in the upcoming months.

More AI integration to Google Maps

In the next iteration of updates, Google Maps is set to prioritize visual content. The “photo-first results” feature will present users with images from the Google Maps community for specific searches, offering a pictorial glimpse of destinations.

For those on the hunt for activities, inputting “things to do” will present a curated list of recommendations, which users can bookmark for future reference.

Revealed at I/O 2023, the “Immersive View” functionality enables users to meticulously plan their trips by offering detailed insights into landmarks and their environs.

This tool is soon to be available in additional cities including Amsterdam, Las Vegas, New York, and Seattle.

In the realm of electric mobility, Google Maps is poised to offer intricate details on electric vehicle charging stations, factoring in compatibility with distinct vehicle types.

Moreover, Google is rolling out the Places API for the developer community, which empowers businesses with real-time data on EV charging facilities.


These updates showcase Google’s ongoing efforts to integrate AI into its suite of apps and services, while Google Maps benefits from improved functionality and user experience.


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