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Foxconn & Nvidia to Build AI Factories for Electric Vehicles

Foxconn, the renowned Taiwanese manufacturer best known for producing the iPhone, has revealed its latest electric vehicle, Model N, and confirmed plans to start mass production of the previously announced Model C.

In a forward-looking step towards the future of autonomous vehicles, the company has also announced a partnership with Nvidia to establish ‘artificial intelligence factories’ focused on advancing autonomous vehicle technologies.

At the 4th Hon Hai Tech Day, Foxconn, famed for its iPhone production, provided substantial updates on its ambitious foray into the electric vehicle sector.

This development signifies a significant shift for the tech conglomerate as it broadens its business scope and firmly steps into the fast-evolving electric and autonomous vehicle market.

 Foxconn & Nvidia to Build AI Factories for Electric Vehicles

The company first introduced the electric cargo minibus Model N.3

 Foxconn & Nvidia to Build AI Factories for Electric Vehicles

Model N, which is currently in the concept phase, has the feature of lowering the load it carries with a single touch.

During the 4th Hon Hai Tech Day, Foxconn’s ventures into the electric vehicle sector garnered significant attention. However, the spotlight shifted when they announced a renewed collaboration with the chip-making powerhouse Nvidia.

The importance of this partnership was highlighted when Foxconn’s CEO, Young Liu, and Nvidia’s CEO, Jensen Huang, made a joint appearance on stage, accompanied by the Model B – an earlier electric vehicle model from Foxconn that is preparing for mass production. This joint presentation underscored the strategic alignment between the two technology giants, suggesting a powerful synergy poised to foster innovations, especially in autonomous vehicles and advanced computing.

Nvidia’s CEO, Jensen Huang, provided insights into the partnership, saying, “We are observing the emergence of a new form of production; intelligence manufacturing, and the data centers facilitating this are essentially the factories of artificial intelligence.

Foxconn, as the worldwide leader in manufacturing, has the expertise and the capacity to establish AI factories on a global scale. It is genuinely thrilling to further our longstanding relationship with Foxconn and to jointly lead the industrial revolution powered by AI.”

ccording to the information provided, Foxconn’s smart electric vehicles will feature the Nvidia Hyperion 9 processor. The data gathered from these vehicles will be processed in the ‘artificial intelligence factories’ established by the partnership between the two companies.

This cooperative strategy will not only handle real-time data analysis but will also utilize the insights obtained to implement updates across the entire vehicle fleet. This will ensure ongoing enhancements and improvements in their functionality and performance.

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