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The Age of Artificial Intelligence on iPhones Begins: But Are Non-AI iPhones Still Available?

While artificial intelligence technology has revolutionized the smartphone world, Apple’s announcement that it would bring AI features to iPhones has raised an important question: Will you still buy an iPhone that doesn’t get artificial intelligence features?

Described as “the biggest update in iPhone history,” iOS 18 AI features were predicted to offer major changes to users, and this has now been officially confirmed. Since AI features require high-level processing power, it is claimed that these new features will only be available on the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models. This raises the question: “Does it make sense to buy models that do not include artificial intelligence features?”

The lack of AI features isn’t the only criterion that determines whether an iPhone is affordable.

In fact, the issue to consider before buying an iPhone is your expectations from the device, rather than whether it has artificial intelligence features. Depending on your intended use, such as calling, messaging, email, social media, internet browsing, etc., you might not feel the absence of AI features if you primarily use your iPhone for basic phone functions.

On the other hand, if you plan to use your device at a more professional level and want to benefit from the advantages of artificial intelligence, it may be more beneficial to opt for iPhones with AI features.

Your expectations about the camera are also very important when choosing an iPhone according to the artificial intelligence feature!

While features such as image enhancement in photo and video shooting stand out in AI-powered iPhones, iPhones without artificial intelligence support can also take photos quite well with manual settings and new software updates.

On the other hand, iPhones with artificial intelligence features will provide advantages such as extending battery life and efficient battery use, especially in multitasking. So here, too, your expectations from your iPhone are important.

When it comes to security and software updates, AI-enabled iPhones can provide additional benefits.

iPhones, which are generally known for their strong security, will continue to offer superior security measures to their users with the regular software updates they receive. For this reason, models without artificial intelligence features will also benefit from these advantages.

In terms of compatibility with the Apple ecosystem, models without artificial intelligence features will still adapt well. However, a more integrated and intelligent user experience will be offered in models with AI features.

So how will Apple offer the artificial intelligence features we are talking about?

Apple will run artificial intelligence features that require relatively less processing power on the device, while more complex AI tools will work in the cloud.

Older iPhone models can also be preferred, considering which services can be used via the cloud and how much support these devices will receive.

To give an example of some of the features, with Apple Intelligence introduced at WWDC 2024, it will be possible to use an AI-supported writing assistant for the prioritization of messages, emails, and similar written texts.

Additionally, AI will enhance the perception of people in photo albums and generate AI-developed images specific to individuals. From the photos you take to the emojis you use, artificial intelligence will be integrated into various aspects of your device.

In summary: Until today, there was no artificial intelligence, but what have we lost… What do we have next, what will we gain?

If you can’t afford a new, powerful iPhone, you don’t have to stretch your budget just to try out AI features. The iPhone will continue to have the same features as any iPhone currently on the market. If the iPhone could be used happily without AI features until now, it can still be used just as well going forward.

However, it’s important to note that saying artificial intelligence won’t affect our smartphone usage experience at all would be “boomer.” Especially with GPT-4 integration, Siri can start delivering an iPhone experience where you never need to touch the screen. Trying these features out will undoubtedly be exciting for users who have them. However, as mentioned above, there’s no need to exceed your budget just to chat with Siri or to see many AI features that you might forget even exist shortly after trying them.

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