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Enhance Product Images with Amazon’s AI Tool

Amazon has introduced a new beta feature harnessing the capabilities of artificial intelligence, allowing sellers to create AI-generated visual backgrounds for their products.

Artificial intelligence has made its mark across various industries, including e-commerce, education, gaming, and brick-and-mortar retail.

With this latest offering, Amazon provides sellers and advertisers with an innovative tool to generate AI-crafted visuals for their product listings.

Described as a generative AI solution, the aim is to overcome creative obstacles and improve advertisement efficiency.

Amazon sees this feature as a modern alternative to traditional product images typically presented against plain white backgrounds. The company assures users that the process of utilizing this tool is simple and doesn’t require any specialized skills.

The new AI tool unveiled by Amazon showcases impressive capabilities, as illustrated by the transformation of lackluster backdrops into visually appealing scenes.

However, there is a whimsical aspect to it as well; for example, a simple fork might be depicted as a character straight out of a Marvel comic. While the background enhancements are commendable, some adjustments might be necessary to accurately portray certain objects.

To utilize this tool, users can identify products in the Amazon Advertising Console, select “Create”, and then choose from a variety of visual designs generated almost instantaneously. Additionally, users have the option to modify images using concise text commands, with the system quickly producing various renditions.

In recent developments, Amazon introduced an AI-powered feature in September that automatically drafts text descriptions for product listings. Additionally, an update earlier this summer introduced AI-generated summaries of product reviews. These initiatives demonstrate Amazon’s increasing investment in AI-driven solutions.

While this feature is currently accessible to a select group, Amazon plans to expand its availability in the future.

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