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Xiaomi’s CyberDog 2: A Realistic Robot Dog for Pet Lovers

Xiaomi has recently launched an updated version of its robotic canine, dubbed CyberDog 2. This latest version of CyberDog boasts a more realistic appearance, closely mimicking the look of a real dog, a significant leap from its predecessor. Furthermore, it features a range of improvements and technological advancements.

Xiaomi, renowned for its wide array of products across different categories, including mobile phones and smart home gadgets, initially introduced this innovative product in 2021. This device was highlighted for its capabilities to navigate obstacles and react to voice commands efficiently.

The tech giant from China has now officially released CyberDog 2, presenting a multitude of enhancements and upgrades compared to the initial model.

Much smarter than the previous generation, CyberDog 2 really looks like a dog

CyberDog 2 brings forth innovations in both its design and functionality. Upon closer inspection of CyberDog 2, it’s apparent that its design now mirrors the appearance of a real dog much more closely, marking a notable shift from the slightly unsettling look of its predecessor. Indeed, its design could even be compared to that of a Doberman, characterized by two small ears.

The newly introduced CyberDog 2 is both more compact and lighter than the model it succeeds, with a weight of 8.9 kilograms and a height of 36.7 centimeters. This robot comes equipped with an AI-powered camera system, which encompasses four Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensors, an RGB camera, a LiDAR sensor, a depth camera, an ultrasonic sensor, and a fisheye lens. In addition, it is outfitted with four microphones and integrates advanced features to augment its vision, tactile feedback, and auditory capabilities, including a force sensor.

CyberDog 2, crafted to serve as a close companion to its users, excels in intelligence beyond its predecessor, powered by an NX processor that achieves a performance of 21 TOPS. Beyond obeying voice commands, this robot is capable of executing tasks like following its owner and mimicking actions such as consuming food or drinking water.

Additionally, the company emphasizes that the robot has enhanced agility and can perform more intricate movements, attributed to its self-engineered actuator known as CyberGear. Such movements entail rising and executing somersaults after falling. The robot’s recorded speed is 1.6 meters per second.

Slated for release shortly in China, CyberDog 2 carries a price tag of 12,999 yuan (roughly $1790). The availability of this product outside China seems improbable.

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