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Bill Gates: Artificial Intelligence Over Web3 and Metaverse

Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft and one of the world’s wealthiest individuals, believes that the future lies more in artificial intelligence than in Web3 or the Metaverse.

In 2022, Gates, who dropped to the 4th position on the billionaires list, engaged with users in an AMA (Ask Me Anything) event on Reddit.

During this session, the tech veteran addressed various topics, including climate change, veganism, and even David Foster Wallace’s book “Infinite Jest” (which he hadn’t read). Throughout the discussion, Gates emphasized his view that artificial intelligence stands as the most thrilling domain of technological innovation currently.

“Artificial intelligence, not Web3 or Metaverse, was groundbreaking”

Artificial intelligence, not web3 and metaverse
Artificial intelligence, not web3 and metaverse

Responding to a Reddit user’s query about which current technology holds potential similar to the internet in 2000, Bill Gates stated, “Artificial intelligence is the biggest one.” He further remarked, “Honestly, I don’t view Web3 or the Metaverse as groundbreaking in their own right, but the revolution in artificial intelligence is unmistakable.”

When asked about his views on the ChatGPT chatbot, which has recently gained significant attention on social media, Gates noted that the product “gives a glimpse of what the future holds.”

He wants to use artificial intelligence in humanitarian work

The philanthropist businessman also explored the potential applications of artificial intelligence in his humanitarian efforts.

Emphasizing the importance of inspiring teachers in the field of mathematics, Bill Gates mentioned the Gates Foundation’s efforts in this area. He highlighted, “Providing support to those in Africa who lack easy access to medical care is a priority for us.”

“Virtual meetings will move to Metaverse”

Bill Gates Artificial Intelligence Over Web3 and Metaverse

Gates forecasted by the end of 2021 that within two or three years, the majority of virtual meetings would transition from 2D platforms such as Zoom and Teams to the Metaverse.

He also expressed his admiration for how VR (Virtual Reality) technology is enhancing the remote meeting experience.

“Crypto and NFTs are based on the ‘big fool theory’”

Bill Gates Artificial Intelligence Over Web3 and Metaverse

Despite his optimistic view on the metaverse, the well-known billionaire Bill Gates has openly expressed his skepticism towards cryptocurrencies and NFTs, describing them as being “100 percent based on the ‘greater fool theory’.”

Meanwhile, Microsoft, where Gates continues to have involvement albeit not in a day-to-day operational role, is progressively advancing towards the Metaverse.

Last year, Microsoft joined forces with 34 other companies, including Meta, Sony, and Alibaba, to establish the Metaverse Standards Forum. Additionally, the company is adapting its meeting applications for use on Meta devices, actively working towards realizing Gates’ prediction about the future of virtual meetings.

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