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Mark Zuckerberg Obsessed With the Metaverse

A few employees at Meta (formerly Facebook), a pioneer in the Metaverse, have reportedly observed CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s intense focus on the topic. It is claimed that the prominent billionaire primarily discusses this subject, causing some disturbance among the employees.

Recent news about the ‘metaverse,’ touted as the technology of the future, continues to emerge. Numerous technology companies are venturing into the metaverse, indicating a shift where people are expected to spend their time in virtual worlds rather than the physical one, shaping what is projected to become a trillion-dollar industry.

Meta, led by Mark Zuckerberg, is a prominent player in this space, having invested billions of dollars in the metaverse. However, recent reports suggest that the 37-year-old CEO has developed a strong fixation on the metaverse.

Zuckerberg’s obsession with metaverse annoys employees

Mark Zuckerberg Obsessed With the Metaverse

Employees of the giant company have disclosed that Mark Zuckerberg has a peculiar obsession with the metaverse. According to a report by Business Insider, a former executive at Meta revealed that Zuckerberg’s sole focus revolves around the metaverse, stating, “All Mark wants to talk about is the Metaverse; he doesn’t talk about anything else.”

The report further indicates that Zuckerberg concentrates exclusively on metaverse content production, expressing that he believes it will take ten or more years for virtual universes to reach the desired level. Despite not providing a clear strategy to employees, the billionaire with a fortune of $68 billion reportedly consistently encourages all departments in the company to prioritize the metaverse. This approach has not been well-received by both former and current employees.

Meta, previously known as Facebook and regarded as a pioneer in the metaverse space, recently launched a virtual universe named Horizon Worlds. While it was suggested that it might be too early for the metaverse to reach its desired level, reports indicate a rapid increase in users for the Horizon Worlds universe. Additionally, there are plans for a mobile and web version of this universe that won’t require the use of virtual reality glasses.

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