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Epic Games Embraces the Bright Future of the Metaverse

In 2022, significant strides were made in the metaverse, notably propelled into the spotlight by Facebook, now known as Meta, under its parent company structure.

However, the solutions and hardware released so far have not fully satisfied users. This, of course, doesn’t mean the end for the field. Significant efforts are being made in software development alongside hardware advancements.

For instance, Epic Games’ CEO Tim Sweeney recently announced the company’s intention to utilize its resources to establish what he terms “good” metaverse universes. Sweeney mentioned, “What we aim to do at Epic Games in the coming years is to integrate our existing assets to bring the metaverse closer to what we see in science fiction movies.”

Epic Games Embraces the Bright Future of the Metaverse

The company’s major asset is its highly advanced Unreal Engine game engine, which they plan to use for creating inclusive metaverse universes centered around a positive approach.

Epic Games, known for its openness to collaboration in this area, is not new to the metaverse scene. The company previously announced receiving a total investment of $2 billion from Sony and KIRKBI for their metaverse projects. Sony, having invested in Epic Games before, appears eager to remain engaged in this burgeoning field.

Additionally, Epic Games had earlier formed a partnership with LEGO specifically for metaverse initiatives. Tim Sweeney commented on this collaboration, stating, “We are thrilled to join forces to create a playful and family-friendly space within the Metaverse.” Currently, Epic Games and LEGO have not disclosed many details about this venture.

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