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LandVault Brings Metaverse Ad Integration

LandVault, a Metaverse advertising platform, has forged a partnership with the popular game in the Decentraland (MANA) universe to introduce integrated advertising.

The metaverse, once one of the world’s most buzzed-about industries, has recently been impacted by the downturn in the crypto market. This has brought to light issues regarding investments, development fees, and the costs of new projects.

The Meta company reported significant losses due to its ventures in the virtual world but remains committed to its endeavors.

The crypto industry has also seen setbacks in its metaverse-related projects. However, despite these challenges, the virtual world is still regarded as a crucial component of the future. In a recent development, LandVault has initiated efforts to incorporate advertising within the metaverse.

Ad Time for Metaverse

LandVault Brings Metaverse Ad Integration

LandVault, the advertising platform, plans to utilize ICE Poker in the metaverse to showcase ads in a way that doesn’t disrupt the virtual world’s immersive experience. Amidst the growing interest in the metaverse, these ad integration processes are set to commence.

ICE Poker, situated within Decentraland, has emerged as one of its most popular attractions. According to reports from Messari, the game boasts approximately 7.8k daily active users.

In a collaborative effort, metaverse creators and LandVault will partner with Decentral Games to introduce integrated advertising into the ICE Poker game.

Meanwhile, major brands like Roblox are continuing their exploration into advertising integration within their platforms.

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