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Meet the Spanish AI Model Earning up to 10K Euros Monthly

Aitana, portrayed as a 25-year-old woman with pink hair residing in Barcelona, has received private messages from celebrities, yet she isn’t an actual person. Instead, Aitana is the first Spanish model created using artificial intelligence.

During a challenging time, Rubén Cruz, a designer and the founder of The Clueless agency, conceived Aitana.

Last summer, Cruz encountered a difficult period with a scant number of clients. The agency observed that numerous projects were either being postponed or cancelled, often due to complications involving models rather than the design itself.

In response, they decided to create their own AI influencer to function as a model for brands. As a result, Aitana was born—a 25-year-old female model from Barcelona, distinguished by her pink hair and appealing appearance.

Cruz notes that the virtual model has the potential to earn up to 10,000 euros per month, with average earnings estimated at around 3,000 euros.

He mentions that the creation of Aitana was a strategic initiative to enhance their business operations and minimize reliance on real-life models, who might present unpredictable challenges such as ego or financial demands.

Aitana’s earnings

Meet the Spanish AI Model Earning up to 10K Euros Monthly

Aitana, a model crafted through artificial intelligence, garners slightly more than a thousand euros for every advertisement and has recently been named the face of a firm known as Big. Additionally, she posts lingerie images on Fanvue, a platform akin to OnlyFans.

Within just a few months, Aitana has attracted over 121,000 followers on Instagram, with her photographs receiving thousands of views. Intriguingly, she even receives private messages from celebrities who do not realize she is not a real individual.

Rubén Cruz, the brain behind Aitana, shared a revealing story: “One day, a renowned Latin American actor sent her a message, inviting her out. However, Aitana, being a digital creation, was oblivious to his existence,” he stated, underscoring the convincing nature and allure of this AI-generated model.

How do you animate an AI?

Every week, the team at the agency conducts a meeting to shape the life of Aitana, their AI-created model. They decide on her activities for the week, places to visit, and photos to post for followers who are keen to know more about her. However, this doesn’t involve actual photo shoots or wardrobe changes. Instead, design experts utilize artificial intelligence and Photoshop to create scenarios like spending a weekend in Madrid for the model.

“Since she’s not alive, we had to add some reality to make her relatable. We had to craft a story,” says the graphic designer. Aitana is designed with a distinct ‘personality’, different from traditional models who are often a ‘blank canvas’ for designers. She is portrayed as a fitness enthusiast, determined, and with a complex character. On her website, she’s described as outgoing and caring.

“A lot of thought has gone into Aitana. We developed her based on what society likes most, considering popular tastes, hobbies, and recent trends,” Cruz explains. Recognizing the influence of eastern culture in Europe, they captured this with her pink hair and playful demeanor.

Such has been Aitana’s success that the designers have created a second virtual model, Maia, who is “a little more shy”. The names, incorporating the acronym AI for artificial intelligence, were intentionally chosen.

The agency notes a high demand for personalized models. However, there is also criticism over the overly sexualized image created by these models. The agency defends this approach, stating they follow aesthetics developed by real influencers and brands. “If we don’t adopt this aesthetic, brands won’t show interest. Changing this requires altering the brands’ vision. The world, in general, is sexualized,” they argue.

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