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Samsung Unveils Adorable AI-Powered Robot Ballie at CES 2024

Samsung has unveiled its new AI-powered robot, “Ballie,” at CES 2024, the world’s largest consumer electronics show. Not much larger than a bowling ball, Ballie boasts a range of intriguing capabilities, making it a highly desirable item for technology enthusiasts.

During the opening speech at CES 2024, the South Korean tech giant Samsung made a significant announcement with the introduction of Ballie, a new personal home assistant. This AI-driven robot is not entirely new to those who follow Samsung’s developments.

The concept of Ballie was initially mentioned a few years ago, but it was then in the early stages of development. The current iteration of Ballie, however, comes with an array of impressive features, indicating that it will likely capture the interest of tech-savvy consumers.

Introducing Samsung Ballie

Samsung Unveils Adorable AI-Powered Robot Ballie at CES 2024

The AI-powered Samsung Ballie, about the size of a bowling ball, is outfitted with advanced sensors. These include LiDAR for collision avoidance and infrared sensors for executing commands. The robot can be controlled through voice commands or messaging, enabling it to perform a variety of relatively simple tasks.

One of Ballie’s notable features is its projection support, allowing it to transfer video from a smartphone. Users have the option to project images onto a wall or the floor, enhancing its versatility.

Additionally, its infrared sensor enables Ballie to control devices that are typically operated with a remote control. For instance, upon arriving home, you can summon Ballie and instruct it to turn on the air conditioner, showcasing its practical utility in a home environment.

Samsung Unveils Adorable AI-Powered Robot Ballie at CES 2024

Ballie, Samsung’s innovative robot, offers more than just basic functionalities. Equipped with a camera, it allows users to monitor their home remotely.

Whether you’re out and about and want to check in on your house, or you need to make a video call, Ballie simplifies the process. You can easily transmit video and audio without the need for a phone, enhancing convenience.

While Samsung has certainly made Ballie an entertaining and functional gadget, it comes with some uncertainties.

The company has not yet confirmed whether this product will be launched in the market. Furthermore, there’s no information available about its potential price.

Nonetheless, with Ballie, Samsung has given us a glimpse into the practical applications of artificial intelligence in everyday life.

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