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TheMall: Opening Soon as the Ultimate Metaverse Shopping Center

‘TheMall,’ announced as the shopping hub within the ‘Metaverse’ universe, is set to open its doors by the end of 2022. Developed by MetaVRse over a span of seven years, ‘TheMall’ is reported to feature 100 floors and cover an expansive area of 100 million square meters within the ‘metaverse.’ Approximately 70 percent of the shopping center’s spaces will be made available for purchase as NFTs.

As per information from VentureBeat cited by, each section up for sale is expected to find buyers at around $300,000. The areas acquired within the blockchain-based mall will be fully customizable, providing brands with a creative space to showcase their products. ‘TheMall’ will only charge a 3 percent commission on sales made within its structure.

Visitors to ‘TheMall’ will have the opportunity to buy both virtual and physical products. MetaVRse aims for ‘TheMall’ to establish itself as the premier entertainment and retail destination within the ‘metaverse’ universe.


Unlike physical shopping malls, ‘TheMall’ will never run out of space. Users will not need to have a specific electronic device to visit the interactive mall, as the developers have used a mobile compatible game engine while working on ‘TheMall’. In addition, visitors will be able to interact with the products in the stores.

TheMall, which was created using Adobe Substance, will work in harmony with virtual reality glasses in the future. MetaVRse will also further personalize the shopping experience on ‘TheMall’ by using artificial intelligence and integrating ‘ReadyPlayerMe’ avatars in the future. The platform, which is compatible with Kronos, will also accept payments in cryptocurrencies via Bitpay.

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