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How Much Are Metaverse Lands Selling For?

Metaverse land have been seen to be mirrored in the same way as in the real world or created purely by imagination. While it is seen that there is an advertisement worth 200.000 USD for the land in New York , which is located on realistic platforms, it is now seen that there are more than one advertisement in Paris and around the islands. was noticeable.

A company named Atari SA realized one of the biggest purchases ever on a metaverse application, and it seems that it paid $4.3 million for a 24×24 metaverse parcel . seemed to have taken.

How Much Are Metaverse Lands Selling For?
How Much Are Metaverse Lands Selling For?

Another startup, Metaverse Group, said it had purchased a real estate development plot for $2.43 million through another metaverse app.

It was also observed that the prices of these plots increased as the value of the coin increased on the platform on the market. Although it was observed that the value of the land decreased as the value of the land coin decreased, it was observed that the size of the new offers to be made independently of the coin increased as the amount of the land decreased with the sale of the land.

 While these topics are new to many, the metaverse is the focus of millions of users from all over the world. In December 2021, a fan of musician Snoop Dogg paid $450,000 to purchase the land next to Snoop Dogg’s property 

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