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The guitar metaverse from Fender and Meta

Created in collaboration with Fender and Meta, The Fender Stratoverse invites you to play guitar above the clouds.

World-renowned guitar manufacturer Fender has announced that they have developed a “guitar metaverse” on Meta’s Horizons platform by collaborating with Meta. The Fender metaverse allows users to play on an island in the clouds, shaped like the Stratocaster, Fender’s famous guitar model.

The guitar metaverse from Fender and Meta
The guitar metaverse from Fender and Meta

Metaverse invites its users to an area called Riff Maker after a treasure hunt where they find hidden chords, and in this area, users are allowed to create their own music with the chords they find. Users who come together in the Fender Stratoverse enjoy making music together. Users who do not want to be involved in these processes can join Stratoverse’s imaginary guitar area and produce their own music here.

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