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Metaverse Opens Up New Possibilities For Unlimited Travel

As the blockchain industry experiences significant growth, the metaverse, a highly discussed topic, continues to capture the interest of users.

Despite being recognized by name, concepts like the metaverse and NFTs are not fully comprehended in terms of content by society.

Virtual stores, virtual reality glasses, virtual artworks, and virtual plots are now emerging in discussions within virtual environments, mirroring elements from our physical reality. In a recent study conducted by Twentify with 628 participants aged 18-45+ across Turkey between March 4 and April 11, 2022, the company delved into society’s knowledge and experiences regarding the metaverse.

Although 63 percent of the participants expressed uncertainty, they claimed to have some level of information about the metaverse.

Metaverse Opens Up New Possibilities For Unlimited Travel

Only 21 percent felt confident in providing a detailed explanation of the concept. Broadly speaking, 55 percent of those surveyed used the phrase “A universe where we can buy virtual lands in a virtual copy of the real world, build houses, and live with virtual characters” to convey their understanding of the metaverse.

Interestingly, participants believed that entry into the metaverse was contingent on the use of virtual reality glasses. While 39 percent believed that the metaverse is a fusion of the virtual and real worlds, 37 percent thought it could only be accessed through virtual reality glasses.

Correspondingly, 30 percent indicated a willingness to purchase virtual reality glasses to immerse themselves in this universe.

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