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Boost Your Drawing Speed with AutoDraw

AutoDraw is an AI-powered sketching tool developed by Google, designed to enhance your drawing speed.

With its web-based interface, AutoDraw is particularly convenient for creating intricate sketches, even on a mobile device.

What is AutoDraw?

AutoDraw is an AI tool empowered by machine learning, designed to facilitate users in sketching quickly and effortlessly. It combines machine learning with sketches created by talented artists to assist you in visualizing your ideas rapidly.

The predictive feature of the app utilizes the same technology as QuickDraw to anticipate your sketches. With AutoDraw, you can effortlessly transform a simple sketch into a more polished rendition.

Who is it for?

  • Non-artistic individuals seeking to create fast and easy drawings.
  • Design enthusiasts who aspire to learn from skilled artists on the platform.
  • Teachers and students exploring the potential of machine learning in art.

Accessible on Any Device

As a web-based tool, AutoDraw doesn’t require any local files on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. You don’t need to download any apps; all you need is a web browser.

Works with Mouse, Touch, and Pen

The app doesn’t require any special tools for input. You can use your device as you normally would: use your mouse or touchpad on a desktop or laptop, and tap the screen on a tablet or smartphone with your fingers.

Uses AI to Refine Your Drawings

AutoDraw is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI): as soon as you start sketching, the AI system tries to recognize your scribble. It then attempts to match your sketch with similar ones in the database. These matches appear as small icons in the “Do you mean” list at the top.

Drawings by Professional Artists, Designers, and Illustrators

The illustrations available for modifying your doodles are crafted by artists, designers, and illustrators, resulting in significantly more refined images than those typically created by the average person.

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