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Meta’s Horizon Worlds Review: Early Comparisons & Insights

Horizon Worlds, Meta’s inaugural foray into the metaverse, is said to lack comprehensiveness, often drawing comparisons to Minecraft VR.

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Facebook, announced on October 29 that the company would rebrand as Meta. The change underscores Meta’s ambition to evolve beyond social media and spearhead the next phase of the internet’s evolution.

Since then, the metaverse has been a hot topic. However, Facebook, the company igniting the metaverse conversation, has yet to provide concrete examples, opting instead to share a series of experimental demonstrations, some featuring Zuckerberg himself.

Meta recently released a demo of its first application, Horizon Worlds. Currently, only users aged 18 and over in the USA and Canada can access this free app using their Oculus Quest 2 headsets.

Horizon Worlds introduces a variety of experiences, including a laser tag game called Arena Clash, Wand & Broom, Pixel Plummet—an arcade-style war game, and Mark’s Riverboat, a virtual boat cruise.

According to The Next Web, early feedback on Horizon Worlds, albeit limited, suggests that the experience leaves much to be desired. Many users compare it to Minecraft VR, stating that it doesn’t offer as comprehensive or entertaining an experience.

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