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The Future Awaiting Humanity: Metaverse Insights

The concept of the Metaverse, though widely discussed, lacks an official definition, even in esteemed dictionaries like Merriam-Webster. However, the general understanding often gravitates towards the idea of a “virtual universe.” This conceptualization aligns well with how the Metaverse functions.

With virtual reality glasses, a range of activities, from shopping to attending concerts, having fun, and conducting meetings, can now be experienced in a completely digital world. Technological advancements have made these experiences accessible to humanity.

People are already creating avatars to navigate virtual buildings and shops in this digital universe.

Cathy Hackl, in a conversation with Mina Alaghband from McKinsey, recalled an experience during the pandemic, saying, “My first concert was in a stadium. For my ten-year-old son, his first concert experience was watching Lil Nas X perform on Roblox during the pandemic. The fact that it was in a virtual space didn’t diminish its reality. We even hosted a Roblox birthday party for my son during the pandemic, and the appearance of his avatar at that party was very significant to him. It’s akin to attending a physical party.”

The Metaverse is poised to host an increasing array of activities in the near future. For instance, in the education sector, a student could wear VR glasses and attend a course in the Metaverse with a digital avatar, rather than physically traveling. Similarly, teachers could conduct classes in virtual classrooms, enhancing the educational experience.

The Future Awaiting Humanity: Metaverse Insights

In the corporate sector, the Metaverse is transforming how employees interact and work. They can attend meetings and make project presentations through their digital avatars. It’s even becoming conceivable to shop in the Metaverse and receive the physical product in the real world.

Marking a step towards this integration, LC Waikiki, a popular brand in Turkey, has recently inaugurated its Meta Store. This development is a first in Turkey, aiming to bring the shopping experience into the Metaverse. Other brands have also started taking similar initiatives.

Day by day, humanity is progressively moving closer to a life integrated with the Metaverse. This transition is expected to accelerate as technologies become more comfortable and healthier for human use. On this front, Apple is conducting significant research. Reports from various sources indicate that Apple is developing technologies capable of detecting skin-to-skin contact, further blurring the lines between the physical and digital realms.

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