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Dogecoin team plans to send physical DOGE to the Moon

The developers behind the well-known cryptocurrency Dogecoin have announced a unique endeavor: they plan to physically send Dogecoin tokens to the Moon. This initiative is scheduled in partnership with Astrobotic, a company based in Pittsburgh, and is set for December 23, 2023.

Their groundbreaking plan symbolizes a literal take on the popular phrase in the crypto community, “to the moon,” often used to describe a cryptocurrency’s price soaring to great heights. This event marks a novel intersection of cryptocurrency and space exploration, showcasing the creative and ambitious efforts of the Dogecoin team in collaboration with space technology.

“Exciting news for the Dogecoin community! Astrobotic plans to send a physical DOGE token to the Moon on the Vulcan Centaur Rocket on 23.12.2023. This space mission, funded by our community in 2015, is the result of our collective effort!”

While this announcement from the Dogecoin official account garnered great interaction, the DOGE price rose by 24 percent in the last 9 hours.

It’s not just DOGE going into space


In the upcoming Moon mission by the US-based space company Astrobotic, Dogecoin will not be the only cryptocurrency making its way to outer space. Bitfinex, a cryptocurrency trading platform, announced in May its plans to send physical Bitcoin on the same mission.

This initiative by Bitfinex, alongside Dogecoin’s involvement, highlights a growing trend of intertwining space exploration with the symbolic representation of cryptocurrencies. By physically sending these digital assets to the Moon, these companies are not only making a statement about the potential and ambition of cryptocurrencies but also exploring new frontiers in the interplay between technology, finance, and space exploration. This mission represents a significant milestone for both the cryptocurrency community and the realm of private space exploration.


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