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Discover 4 Metaverse Coins Under $0.05!

As we cross the midpoint of the year, metaverse coin projects like MANA, AXS, and SAND are dominating the market.

In this article, we delve into the realm of virtual platforms that not only provide engaging experiences but also present lucrative “play-to-earn” opportunities. Specifically, we focus on four promising contenders whose values have yet to surpass the $0.05 mark. Joining us for this exploration is analyst Mark Arguinbaev.

#1.UFO Gaming

Priced at a mere $0.0000030, UFO Gaming ( UFO ) seeks to forge alliances with traditional gaming entities to leverage Blockchain technology for feature enhancement. UFO, the project’s native cryptocurrency, is utilized for transactions within the platform. Presently, UFO ranks as the 225th cryptocurrency, boasting a market cap of $768 million.


Next in line, we have Starlink, a metaverse coin that powers the STARL universe, an expansive 3D social space teeming with opportunities for exploration and creativity. This ambitious project aims to offer an augmented version of our physical world, enabling users to transcend conventional boundaries. Currently, STARL occupies the 240th spot by market cap and trades at $0.000046.


Metaverse coin with an eSports focus: Verasity (VRA)

Next, we delve into Verasity ( VRA ), a protocol and product layer platform catered to the esports and entertainment sectors . Constructed on the Ethereum Blockchain, the project aims to enhance engagement and advertisement revenue for publishers and advertisers. VRA, a popular contender in the metaverse coin space, is currently trading at $0.0433, with a market cap of $197 million.


The last metaverse coin on our list closest to the $0.05 threshold, DEAPcoin ( DEP ), is a self-proclaimed “next-generation entertainment company poised to redefine economy and culture in the digital age”. DEAPcoin is a gaming and NFT platform with integrated Blockchain technology. An Ethereum-based ERC-20 token, DEP offers a play-to-earn model. Currently, DEP ranks 368th in market value and trades at $0.0446. On December 25, it noted a candle wick stretching 40% below its value.

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