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Boost Marketing with the Best AI Tools

There are artificial intelligence tools that accelerate the marketing industry and increase customer satisfaction by improving user experience. Here are those popular tools!

The use of artificial intelligence has begun to show its impact in almost every sector. Especially in the field of marketing, the advantages provided by artificial intelligence tools regarding both content production and management of advertising campaigns attract attention.

So, which artificial intelligence applications are most used in the marketing industry? Here are 9 popular artificial intelligence tools you can benefit from in this field!

Boost Marketing with the Best AI Tools

  1. Mutiny
  2. Copysmith
  3. Contentedge
  4. Trypencil
  5. Adcreative
  6. Adcopy
  7. Simplified
  8. Sendbird
  9. MailChimp


Boost Marketing with the Best AI Tools

Mutiny is an AI-powered tool designed to enhance customer experiences by tailoring marketing efforts. Its capabilities streamline offering personalized promotions and analyzing consumer behaviors. Below is a breakdown of how Mutiny can be applied in various marketing endeavors:

  • Optimizing website conversions.
  • Crafting user-specific marketing through personalized user account landing pages.
  • Conducting A/B testing to determine the most effective strategies.
  • Embedding advertisements within landing pages to generate revenue.

To leverage Mutiny’s features, one must first integrate data sources. This can be done using popular platforms like HubSpot and Google Analytics, or by uploading data directly via CSV files or APIs.

Once your target audience is defined, Mutiny utilizes AI to propose audience-specific solutions. It also facilitates visual website modifications without the need for coding expertise. Such adjustments are geared towards enhancing conversion rates, following the guidance of Mutiny’s AI insights.

Upon implementing these changes, Mutiny tracks and analyzes the impact on your website, providing valua


Copysmith serves as a vital ally in the realm of content creation, a cornerstone of the marketing sector. It aids in the crafting of SEO-optimized descriptions for products and services, as well as creating meta title tags and advertising copy.

This platform boasts integration with a variety of sales and marketing tools, with Shopify and Frase being notable examples. It also provides the convenience of saving your generated content in multiple formats, including PDF, DOCX, and TXT.

Particularly useful for bulk content generation, Copysmith allows the use of spreadsheets to facilitate the creation of large volumes of content simultaneously, eliminating the need to start from scratch with each new file.

Offering a 7-day trial period, Copysmith presents three distinct subscription packages: starter, professional, and enterprise. Depending on your needs, you can select the appropriate membership tier to produce SEO-friendly content across more than 100 languages.


Contentedge is an AI-powered tool at your disposal for crafting content that is optimized for SEO, aiming to achieve high rankings in Google search results.

With Contentedge, you can quickly generate versatile content, capable of delivering required website copy and marketing messages in as brief as 15 seconds. A significant benefit of this tool is its user-friendly interface, making content creation accessible and efficient.


Trypencil is an AI-driven tool that provides essential graphic support in the realm of marketing, enabling the creation of advertising visuals, flyers, and much more.

This platform offers the ability to craft a bespoke design kit tailored to your brand’s identity, with the option to utilize preferred templates as a starting point. You can also draw inspiration from the work of others showcased within the community.

Beyond just advertising collateral like flyers, business cards, and brochures, Trypencil can be employed for designing logos and preparing visuals for social media use.


Adcreative is aptly named for its role as an AI tool designed to streamline the advertising process.

This utility enables the effortless crafting of impactful ads, helping to connect with your target audience more effectively. Adcreative also offers a 7-day trial, during which you can experiment with creating visually striking ad designs that capture attention.


Adcopy.ai is a platform that serves the specific purpose of generating compelling advertising copy. It assists not only in creating detailed ad descriptions but also in formulating catchy headlines.

By doing so, it enhances the effectiveness of your ad campaigns by delivering persuasive copy tailored to your target demographic. Adcopy.ai provides a range of advertising content options, including banner ads and social media promotions.

To start using Adcopy.ai, one must sign up for a free account, define their campaign goals, and specify their target audience. Following this, users have the option to craft their unique template or select from a variety of pre-existing ad copy templates.

After customizing and finalizing your template to fit your needs, you can then proceed to generate and publish your advertisement text. The free plan allows the creation of a limited number of ad texts, with the option to upgrade to a paid plan for more extensive features.


Simplified is an AI tool that offers a multifaceted suite of services in the marketing domain. It provides comprehensive support in both graphic design and content creation.

The tool enables users to execute a variety of tasks such as planning for social media accounts, crafting videos and animations, generating online ads, handling e-commerce integrations, and devising posts and stories tailored for various social media platforms. Simplified stands as an all-in-one solution to meet the diverse needs of digital marketing.


Sendbird is a platform that enhances in-app communication, providing businesses with the capability for real-time chat and active messaging with their customers. This tool enables the swift dissemination of up-to-date information to your target audience, while also ensuring file security through AES-256 encryption.

With the ability to translate conversations into more than 50 languages, Sendbird is an AI tool that can be instrumental in fostering new communities and enhancing customer satisfaction.


MailChimp’s AI capabilities can be a significant asset for your email marketing initiatives. With this tool, you’re able to curate brand-specific email lists and oversee your campaigns with these lists at the helm.

Upon accessing the application, you’re greeted with a main menu offering various options such as ‘campaigns’, ‘templates’, ‘lists’, ‘reports’, and ‘content studio’. Navigating to the ‘campaign’ section, you’re presented with a user-friendly interface to configure the campaign emails destined for your customer base.

The template library offers a selection of pre-designed options that can serve as a source of inspiration or be directly implemented into your campaign. Meanwhile, the audience section allows you to adeptly manage your brand’s email lists, ensuring a targeted and organized approach to your email marketing efforts.

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