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Steam to Expand Use of Artificial Intelligence in Games

Steam, having expressed in June of the previous year that it needed more time to integrate artificial intelligence, is now set to expand the use of generative artificial intelligence in games.

The surge in popularity of artificial intelligence, particularly generative AI and large language models, has been significant.

Many believe these technologies represent the future of the tech industry. Understandably, numerous game developers are eager to incorporate AI into their content. In response, Steam is implementing changes to provide more room for games that utilize generative artificial intelligence.

In a recent blog post, Steam revealed that this decision was made following consultations with game developers and an in-depth exploration of generative artificial intelligence over the past few months.

Steam will now categorize artificial intelligence content into two distinct groups. The first category will focus on pre-created content, while the second will pertain to content that can be generated during gameplay.

There will be some obligations

Steam to Expand Use of Artificial Intelligence in Games

In both categories established by Steam, all content generated with the support of artificial intelligence – whether it be drawings, code, sound, etc. – must adhere to the Steam Distribution Agreement.

This means that game producers must ensure their games do not contain illegal or infringing content and comply with the consistency conditions in their marketing materials to utilize AI tools.

For games where AI is used in real-time gameplay, Steam requires developers to detail the measures they are taking to prevent the AI from generating illegal content. These descriptions about AI usage will also be included on the game pages on Steam.

Furthermore, Steam plans to implement a system that allows gamers to report any issues encountered with generative artificial intelligence in games. This system aims to provide a resource for users to address concerns and maintain the integrity and safety of AI-generated content within the gaming experience.

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