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Discover Apple’s Keyframer: AI Tool for Animated Images

Apple has introduced a new artificial intelligence tool capable of editing and animating images. Currently, it is unclear whether the AI, dubbed “Keyframer,” will be made available to the general public.

The US-based tech giant continues its efforts in developing generative artificial intelligence tools. Recently, we reported that Apple had created a new AI model designed for image editing.

The company has now taken another step forward. Apple has developed an AI that enables modifications to be made to two-dimensional images through commands and can even animate the images. The AI, named “Keyframer,” appears set to captivate users involved in animation work.

Keyframer uses GPT-4 infrastructure

Discover Apple's Keyframer: AI Tool for Animated Images

Keyframer, which operates on files with the SVG extension, utilizes OpenAI’s GPT-4 model. Users of this artificial intelligence tool simply need to input any command for an image. An example provided shows how this works: in the first image, the stars are instructed to shine, and in the second image, the rocket is commanded to ascend above the Moon’s level. The results from Keyframer appear to be quite efficient.

Apple’s artificial intelligence tool, not yet released to the general public, offers more than just image animation. Keyframer can also adjust and modify colors. This functionality allows for the alteration of the background color of an SVG file or the colors of an object within the image using Keyframer.

Discover Apple's Keyframer: AI Tool for Animated Images

Apple’s Keyframer boasts a very straightforward user interface. Statements indicate that this tool is operated solely through text inputs, meaning that no coding knowledge is necessary to use it.

It is still uncertain whether Keyframer will eventually become accessible to all users.

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