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Gemini AI on iPhones: Exploring Google’s Generative AI for iOS Devices

Google’s generative artificial intelligence, Gemini AI, is also available on iOS devices through the Google app.

Google has started the distribution of the new version of the Google application for iOS used on Apple devices. The most important innovation that came with the 303.3 update was the opening of Gemini artificial intelligence to Apple users through the application. Gemini will replace the assistant app.

On top of the recent remarkable success of artificial intelligence, Google quickly started to deploy Gemini artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence’s own Android While the application is being made available in more and more countries every day, an alternative has now been produced for iOS users.

Gemini AI on iPhones: Exploring Google's Generative AI for iOS Devices

iPhone Users will be able to use the button at the top right of the Google application on their device to access Gemini. It will be enough to press a single button. When this feature is activated, the Google application will change accordingly

A field will appear at the bottom of the screen where commands can be entered. It will be possible to use Gemini by writing, speaking, or sharing an image in this field. The camera can also be used as another interaction tool. The Gemini AI will not directly read the answers it generates aloud, but it will speak the text when you press the speaker icon.

AppleDue to the presence of Siri, the ‘s own artificial intelligence assistant, Gemini will not be available for assistance on every screen as in the Android version. This feature will be limited to Android devices. With Apple’s updates in future versions, it will be possible to use the help feature with Siri on every screen.

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