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Artificial Intelligence (AI), a leading technological breakthrough of the 21st century, has rapidly spread worldwide, with platforms such as ChatGPT, Google Bard, and Microsoft Bing gaining prominence in the last six months.

However, these platforms are not the sole contributors. Today, we have put together a list of some of the most effective AI tools, out of more than 2000 available, that can help you save time.

1.Smart Copywriter: Cohesive

This week, our list kicks off with Cohesive AI, a proficient artificial intelligence tool designed for creating text-based content.

This adaptable software is capable of summarizing, expanding, and rephrasing any provided text with a range of tones and vocabulary, showcasing nearly all typing skills.

2.Chat with Articles:

Comparable to the ChatPDF tool we covered last week, offers the capability to quickly find the exact section you’re looking for in articles and texts within PDF documents.

This effective AI utility examines any chosen file and enables you to ask questions about its content, essentially allowing to facilitate conversations with articles.

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3.Introducing Wordtune Spices

Wordtune, another AI tool focused on text, has the potential to save individuals who often produce text with consistent tones and structures up to an additional 100 hours each week. How is this possible? By harnessing the power of GPT-4 technology, Wordtune is capable of continuing or reimagining user-generated content in a more innovative way compared to earlier versions of ChatGPT or Bing.

Additionally, this innovative tool can adapt to the user’s writing style over time, creating text content that reflects it. With these features, Wordtune stands out as a prime candidate for your next-generation digital text assistant.

4.Free Image Maker: Lexica Art

Wordtune, an AI tool with a focus on text, offers the potential to save users, who often produce texts with consistent tones and structures, an extra 100 hours every week. How does it manage this? By utilizing GPT-4 technology, Wordtune is capable of extending or reimagining content written by users in a way that is more creative than what previous versions of ChatGPT or Bing could achieve.

Moreover, this innovative tool has the ability to adapt to a user’s writing style over time and generate text content that is inspired by this style. Considering these capabilities, Wordtune presents itself as a strong candidate for your future digital text assistant.

5.Get Rid of Bad Sounds in Your Video: Descript AI

When producing professional video content or presentations, including expressions like “ummm”, “uhhh”, or other distracting sounds in the footage is far from ideal. In the period prior to the advent of artificial intelligence technology, eliminating these sounds from videos was a labor-intensive task.

Fortunately, we now have Descript AI. This innovative tool simplifies the process of removing unwanted audio from videos, relieving users of a substantial burden. Descript, which provides its services for free, also features additional video editing tools that prove to be incredibly useful.

6.Use ChatGPT Anywhere: Merlin AI

ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence tool that has been the subject of extensive discussion for the past seven months, is powerful but limited to its own platform.

Addressing this limitation, a new Chrome extension called Merlin has been introduced to help users by enabling the application of ChatGPT’s capabilities across any chosen website.

7.Royalty Free Professional Song Maker: Soundraw

Last week, social media was abuzz with a variety of captivating songs and cover pieces produced using artificial intelligence tools. Although users have achieved notable successes with several programs, Soundraw has undeniably elevated the standard.

Soundraw stands out as the ideal tool for individuals eager to create professional song content while avoiding the complexities of copyright issues. Its highly user-friendly interface enables enthusiasts of artificial intelligence, even those without any musical background, to become artists.

8.New AI Doctor: Docus

Docus, an artificial intelligence initiative from India, holds the promise to transform the medical sector in the future.

Operating akin to a family doctor or health advisor, Docus enables you to express all your health-related inquiries and worries, offering accurate and comprehensive answers. In a time when the internet is rife with misleading and potentially dangerous health information, Docus stands out as a reliable source.

9.Professional Slide Maker: Tome

Tome, which first rose to prominence alongside ChatGPT in early January, is an artificial intelligence tool that, despite its somewhat limited visibility since then, is regarded by us as a frontrunner in its domain.

With just a handful of straightforward commands, Tome can produce professional and modern presentations. Beyond incorporating words and themes into the presentation, it autonomously generates visuals, adding an unparalleled layer of refinement to your projects.

10.Website Assistant: Style AI

Concluding our list is Style AI, an indispensable collection of tools for anyone aiming to design a new website or enhance an existing one. Style AI introduces three distinct tools: Lewi, Seona, and Astra. With Lewi, the process of designing your dream website becomes as simple as entering a few keywords. Seona aids in boosting your website’s visibility, thereby drawing more traffic, while Astra enables you to seamlessly refine your advertising tactics. This suite of AI tools is designed to simplify and optimize the process of website creation and management.

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