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How to Create a Metaverse Character?

We have outlined in our guide how you can craft a personalized character for use in Metaverse-based applications.

The Metaverse, where we can construct 3D virtual worlds and engage within them through Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality devices, provides us with a digital identity known as an avatar or character.

The primary supporter of the Metaverse concept, which originally appeared in the science fiction novel Snow Crash published by Neal Stephenson in 1992, is Meta (formerly known as Facebook), which acquired Oculus, a company that manufactures AR and VR devices, for $2 billion. So, how is the process of creating a Metaverse character undertaken?

Creating a metaverse character

The Metaverse character essentially functions as the avatar you have in any online environment, such as virtual worlds or online games. For example, platforms like Snapchat offer features like Bitmoji, allowing you to create a personalized avatar that closely resembles your face in fine detail. Similar features, like Bitmoji, have also been integrated into the Instagram app in recent weeks.

There isn’t a universal method for creating a Metaverse character, but the Ready Player Me app allows you to generate a character for use across various Metaverse-based platforms. To create your character, follow the steps below:

  1. Start by logging into Ready Player Me by clicking on the link https://readyplayer.me/.
  2. On the “Select body style” screen, specify your character’s gender.
  3. Next, upload a photo of your face to allow the app to create a Metaverse character that closely resembles you. While it’s possible to proceed without a photo, having one is crucial for making your character unique.
How to Create a Metaverse Character?
How to create a metaverse character?
  1. After uploading the photo, a Metaverse character will automatically be created that looks as close to your face as possible. Here, you must first determine your character’s skin color using the color palettes below.
  2. Then, in the section that opens when you click the second button from the left in the tab bar , configure the jaw structure, eyes, nose and lips as you wish.
How to Create a Metaverse Character?
How to create a metaverse character?
  1. Now we move on to one of the most important parts: the step of choosing clothes . When you click the third button from the left in the bottom tab bar, you can dress your character in many outfits loaded in Ready Player Me.
  2. Don’t forget to specify a hairstyle for the Metaverse character you created by clicking the hair icon next to the outfit button.
  3. You can even set your avatar’s pupil color by clicking the sixth button (eye mark) from the left.
How to create a metaverse character?

Making the character usable

Metaverse character creation is to a great extent finished. In the wake of changing the actual properties of your symbol, click on the “Login to the Hub” button in the upper right corner . In the subsequent stage, assuming you are a designer, you can save your symbol’s .glb record to your PC by tapping the download button in the lower right corner.

Assuming you are an easygoing client, your work will be with the “Find Apps” area on the left . There are numerous Metaverse-based applications, particularly “VRChat”, where you can utilize the person and speak with one another in a virtual universe. You want to connect these applications with your Ready Player Me account.

How to create a metaverse character?

For example, let’s choose VRChat. When you click the “Connect avatar” button, if you haven’t signed in to Ready Player Me, you will need to do so. Press the “Sign in” button in the window that opens, and you will be directed to a section where you can register for this application, similar to registering for Instagram.

After that, when you select any of the applications in the “Discover Apps” section and press the “Connect avatar” again, you will have linked your identity. This guide explored how to create a metaverse character.

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