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How To Buy Sandbox Land? A Comprehensive Guide

The process of acquiring land in The Sandbox, especially as the Metaverse gains prominence, is a topic of keen interest for many.

People are increasingly inquiring about how to purchase a plot in The Sandbox’s virtual universe and are actively researching the prices of these lands. Here are some essential details on this subject.

How to Purchase a Plot in The Sandbox Metaverse?

How To Buy Sandbox Land? A Comprehensive Guide

The Sandbox is a virtual reality game that features a 3D infrastructure with a total of 166,464 land parcels. The platform reserves 16,704 (10%) of these parcels for its organized events. Additionally, 25,920 parcels (16%) are set aside for distribution to partners, investors, and players as rewards.

Operating on the Ethereum blockchain, The Sandbox utilizes its native cryptocurrency, SAND, for transactions, including land purchases.

What are The Sandbox Land Prices?

How To Buy Sandbox Land? A Comprehensive Guide

The cost of land in The Sandbox varies based on several factors, including location and the specific features of each plot.

Prospective buyers often research these prices to make informed investment decisions in this burgeoning virtual world.

Getting a Sandbox Metaverse Plot in 10 Steps

How To Buy Sandbox Land? A Comprehensive Guide

The acquisition of land in the Sandbox Metaverse has seen many individuals and companies investing in virtual real estate.

To purchase a plot in the Sandbox, there are certain steps to follow. If you’re wondering how to buy land in the Sandbox, here’s a guide to assist you:

  1. Visit the official Sandbox Market website at https://www.sandbox.game/en/.
  2. Click the “Register” button in the upper right corner of the homepage.
  3. Register and log in as a member.
  4. Obtain a Sandbox Metamask wallet.
  5. Acquire Sandbox (SAND) Coins, which are used for land purchases.
  6. On the plot map, select the world from where you wish to buy land.
  7. When choosing a plot, consider busy areas, large plots, and those over-the-road for potential value.
  8. Decide on the parcel you want to purchase.
  9. Complete your land purchase using SAND Coins or other Metaverse Coins.
  10. Customize your newly purchased land to your preference.

What Can Be Done on the Sandbox Land?

In The Sandbox Metaverse, users can engage in a variety of experiences on their plots, including games, art museums, shops, stages, and educational activities.

Plot design is facilitated using Sandbox’s “Game Maker,” a game development software. Shaping your Sandbox terrain does require spending certain coins. Here are some key features of acquiring a plot in The Sandbox:

  • Plots in The Sandbox are purchased with SAND Coin.
  • The platform consists of 166,464 individual LAND parcels.
  • Each LAND parcel measures precisely 16m x 16m, totaling 256 square meters.
  • Users can acquire a MetaMask Wallet from The Sandbox for transactions.
  • Specific coordinates are used to determine locations within the Metaverse.
  • Items can be utilized on The Sandbox plots.
  • “Game Maker” software is available for customizing and shaping plots.

Who Bought Land in Sandbox?

How To Buy Sandbox Land? A Comprehensive Guide

A plot of land in The Sandbox was recently acquired by PwC Hong Kong, although the sale price of the land has not been disclosed.

In a similar vein, Adidas made a land purchase in The Sandbox in late November. The platform has also secured partnerships with notable entities such as The Walking Dead, Atari, South China Morning Post, and Snoop Dogg.

While specific amounts for these land purchases have not been revealed, there’s a noticeable trend of increasing interest in land acquisition within The Sandbox. Many companies are actively monitoring opportunities for land purchase in this virtual realm. Some prominent land purchasers in The Sandbox Game include:

Who Bought Land in Sandbox? 

PwC Hong Kong recently purchased a plot of land in The Sandbox, though the details of the sale price have not been disclosed. Similarly, Adidas acquired land in The Sandbox in late November.

The Sandbox has also entered into collaborations with various companies, including The Walking Dead, Atari, South China Morning Post, and Snoop Dogg. Although the specific amounts for these land purchases have not been revealed, there is a noticeable trend of increasing interest in acquiring land within The Sandbox.

We see that many companies are following closely regarding the Sandbox land purchase. Among the land purchasers of Sandbox Game , the prominent ones are;

  • Adidas
  • PwC Hong
  • The Walking Dead
  • Arcade
  • South China Morning Post
  • Bored Ape Yacht Club
  • Snoop Dogg
  • The Smurfs
  • DeadMau5

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