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Co-Founders Sell AI-Powered Business for $150K

Monica Powers and Sal Aiello, co-founders of DimeADozen, successfully established and then sold their innovative venture for $150,000, all within a very short time frame and with a minimal initial investment of $185.

With Aiello’s expertise as a CTO in the tech sector and Powers’ experience as a product designer leading a strategic design and branding firm, the duo crossed paths at a digital gathering for startup founders organized by the prominent Silicon Valley incubator, Y Combinator. Inspired by their shared interests, they teamed up for a side project.

They sold the business they founded with artificial intelligence and 185 dollars for 150 thousand dollars

Based on details from CNBC Make It, the dynamic duo decided to delve into creating an AI-assisted research tool in March. Their initial brainstorming sessions involved utilizing ChatGPT, leveraging the AI platform for preliminary market analysis.

Within days, this led to the birth of DimeADozen – a unique platform designed for budding entrepreneurs looking to validate their business concepts. Offering detailed reports at $39 each, DimeADozen promises quick and efficient insights, far surpassing the speed of conventional analytics firms or regular search engines.

The success of their venture caught the attention of Felipe Arosemena and Danielle de Corneille, a couple with backgrounds in software engineering and product design, respectively. This pair was eager to take DimeADozen to new heights and proposed a buyout. Accepting the offer, Aiello and Powers decided to sell their creation for $150,000.

However, both Aiello and Powers remain connected to the venture, dedicating approximately five hours per week in advisory roles.

DimeADozen, distinguished as the premier AI-powered tool tailored for business idea evaluation, utilizes a system of pre-set ChatGPT queries. The AI then generates comprehensive 50-page documents that provide insights on potential stakeholders, clientele, and market competitors.

Aiello emphasizes the efficiency of their platform, noting that although similar research is achievable through Google, it is significantly more time-consuming and lacks the reliability that their AI offers.

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