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Apple’s Quiet Launch: Ferret AI Model

It appears that Apple has discreetly released its artificial intelligence language model. The extensive language model, named “Ferret,” which was unveiled in October 2023, may potentially be integrated into Apple products such as the iPhone and Mac in the future.

Throughout 2023, the technology landscape witnessed significant developments, especially in the realm of artificial intelligence.

Apple's Quiet Launch: Ferret AI Model

Companies like Google, Microsoft, and technology entities like OpenAI showcased remarkable advancements in AI technology.

However, amidst these breakthroughs, Apple has been relatively silent on major AI technology announcements.

Contrary to initial perceptions, it has come to light that Apple did indeed release an open-source large language model called “Ferret” in October 2023.

The reason for not publicly announcing Ferret appears to be a deliberate choice, and it is a collaborative project involving Apple engineers and researchers from Columbia University.

Why didn’t Apple have a big launch for Ferret?

The purpose of Ferret, according to available information, is initially not to cater to end-user desires. In its initial phase, the team designed this extensive language model for research purposes. The strategic rationale behind this decision is notably clever.

Apple, in need of vast amounts of data to train its large language model, can leverage the data repository of researchers without the need to allocate additional resources or compromise user privacy.

The capabilities of Apple’s AI language model are illustrated in the accompanying image. The artificial intelligence can provide detailed information about the animal in a specified area in the top-left photo and can offer step-by-step instructions on how to prepare a dish, as shown in the second model at the bottom left.

The discreet introduction of Ferret suggests that this comprehensive language model may be integrated into future Apple products, including the iPhone and possibly the Mac. However, it is premature to specify the exact functionalities Ferret might bring to an iPhone.

According to credible industry sources, Apple is expected to introduce its artificial intelligence-supported features with iOS 18. Further insights into what users can anticipate from this operating system are likely to be unveiled at WWDC 2024.

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