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Cool Cats NFT Coming to Metaverse

The Cool Cats NFT project, known for its adorable kitty-themed NFTs, has announced a collaboration with The Sandbox, a key player in the development of the Metaverse.

Cool Cats made the announcement to its 200,000 followers, revealing that they are actively working towards integration into The Sandbox platform.

Over the past few weeks, Cool Cats has been teasing its community with images of 3D-looking pixels on Twitter and Discord, hinting at the metaverse collaboration.

Cool Cats NFT Coming to Metaverse

In the official announcement, Cool Cats NFTs confirmed the completion of negotiations with The Sandbox Game for inclusion in the metaverse during the fourth quarter of the year.

They expressed excitement about the forthcoming experience, assuring NFT owners that they will be more than satisfied with the process and can anticipate enjoyable moments.

While specific details about the collaboration are currently limited, it appears that the introduction of 3D Cool Cats avatars is expected around October 2022.

The Cool Cats NFT project has hinted at sharing more information over time about its partnership with The Sandbox, building anticipation among their enthusiastic community.

Following the announcement, many owners of NFTs from the Cool Cats collection provided positive feedback. However, some collectors expressed that the expectations for the Cool Cats in the promotional poster were for them to appear softer and cuter. A Twitter user, @onenftboi, responded to the post, saying:

“Can they be shorter and fatter? I never thought my cats were 6-foot-tall guys.”

Anticipation is building among enthusiasts for the final images and additional developments of the Cool Cats that will be incorporated into the Metaverse.

This development introduces added utility to the collection, attracting new investors and followers.

The evolving features and engagement within the Metaverse are expected to bring more value to the Cool Cats NFT project.

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