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Futureverse Raises $54M: AI & Metaverse Tech Investments

Today, Futureverse, a leading entity in artificial intelligence, metaverse technology, and content creation, announced it has raised $54 million in funding. This Series A financing round was led by 10T Holdings, with significant participation from Ripple Labs.

Despite a noticeable decline in the fervor surrounding Metaverse startups and investments compared to last year, this fresh influx of capital comes at a time when the crypto market is bustling with activity.

Ripple, which has recently been in the headlines for its legal victory over the SEC, continues to make strategic investments while basking in the success of its courtroom win.

By securing $54 million in Series A funding, with Ripple Labs among its investors, Futureverse is poised to further advance its integration of artificial intelligence and metaverse technologies, marking a significant milestone in its growth trajectory.

Partnerships with FIFA and Mastercard

Futureverse has unveiled its platform, which features an extensive collection of “custom AI content creation tool suites” specifically designed to enhance the creation of music, objects, characters, and animations within the metaverse.

The company has also highlighted its previous collaborations with a diverse group of entities and individuals, including FIFA, Mastercard, Death Row Records, Snoop Dogg, and Keanu Reeves, showcasing its broad engagement across various industries.

Despite the interest, Futureverse’s founders have decided to keep the company’s new valuation under wraps, as reported by Bloomberg. In a notable partnership, Futureverse had previously worked with Ripple, integrating its product, The Root Network, with the XRPL, demonstrating a significant step in its collaboration efforts.

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