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NFT and Metaverse Move From Kraft Foods

American food manufacturing and processing giant Kraft Foods has submitted a trademark application for Metaverse and NFT technologies. Kraft Foods boasts a portfolio of numerous food brands.

Trademark and patent attorney Michael Kondoudis recently published a table revealing that NFT-related trademark applications in the United States surpassed 4,000 between January 1 and May 31, 2022.

Notably, among the entities seeking trademarks related to Metaverse and NFTs during this period is Kraft Foods Group.

The growing interest in Metaverse and NFT technologies has prompted numerous companies to explore opportunities in this space, leading to a steady increase in trademark applications associated with these technologies.

NFT and Metaverse Move From Kraft Foods

Kraft Foods, a major player in the food production and processing industry, has now joined the ranks of companies seeking involvement in the Metaverse and NFT realm.

Trademark attorney Mike Kondoudis shared the news on his Twitter account, announcing Kraft Foods’ filing of an NFT and Metaverse-focused trademark application.

The trademark application from Kraft Foods encompasses a broad spectrum of potential services and products. This includes the provision of a virtual restaurant where users can accumulate rewards and virtual assets, as well as the exploration of NFTs and NFT-powered media.

The application extends to virtual goods and the establishment of marketplaces specifically for NFTs. The exact nature of virtual offers or promotions that Kraft may introduce in this context remains undisclosed at this time.

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