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Saudi Prince Al Waleed Launches New Project on Metaverse

Al Waleed Philanthropies, led by Prince Al Waleed Bin Talal Al Saud, announced their development on the metaverse. The initiative aims to connect virtual worlds to provide users with unlimited cultural and digital experiences.

Al Waleed Explains Metaverse Domain

Saudi Prince Al Waleed Launches New Project on Metaverse
Saudi Prince Al Waleed Launches New Project on Metaverse

The Metaverse space went live on the day of tolerance, which is commemorated every year across international borders . In addition, UNESCO established it in 1995 to raise awareness of the pitfalls of intolerance. Built on initiative, Prince seeks to level the ground between cultures and finds ways for communities to tolerate each other.

To that end, it will use the latest disruptive 3D technology to spread the message worldwide for the next generation . In addition, Decentraland will host the metaverse hub. Here, guests can stroll through story buildings that depict histories while integrating different cultures.

The inspiration behind the initiative has come from the AP’s commission since its founding forty years ago. The AP sought to develop and promote tolerance among people. Her Highness Princess Lamia bint Majed Al Saud, Secretary General of Al Waleed Philanthropies, shared her view on the organization’s metaverse project .

Al Waleed’s Corporate Goals

According to Princess Lamia, Al Waleed Philanthropy is dedicated to transcending boundaries and unleashing collaborative efforts to open minds. He said the world needs to be clear that people are aware of fundamental developments. That’s why AP is trying to transfer them positively to humanity through the knowledge of these innovations.

In addition, AP is always looking for new ideas as it charts a course towards an enhanced understanding of culture and boundless tolerance. Prince partners with various charities, government programs, and others to plan and make it happen. Charge wages, empower youth and women, build communities , design disaster promotion programs for affected victims, and foster cultural coalitions to reduce poverty .

Al Waleed Philanthropies was the first to undertake a metaverse venture with a social drive. Her mission is to share the gospel of tolerance, cultural relevance and inclusion from the physical world to the digital realm. The organization will continually explore new methods and technologies to empower humanity and set important goals.

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