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Timberland Enters the Metaverse Universe with Fortnite

On Tuesday, Timberland made a significant announcement regarding its partnership with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine and ConceptKicks.

In this exciting development, Timberland revealed its intention to provide a fresh Metaverse experience through collaborations with Fortnite, marking its entry into the Metaverse universe.

In the Timberland Metaverse Universe

Timberland Enters the Metaverse Universe with Fortnite
Timberland Enters the Metaverse Universe with Fortnite

The partnership revolves around Timberland’s Construct 10061 program, which seamlessly bridges the realms of both the physical and virtual worlds. This collaboration offers an exciting opportunity for players and footwear enthusiasts to delve into Timberland’s design and creation process through an engaging, interactive experience within the Fortnite universe.

Spearheaded by Timberland, this dedicated space serves as a platform to showcase Timberland’s footwear concepts and their unique perspective on the design journey. The area also features a virtual design laboratory, meticulously recreating the brand’s actual lab environment.

Within this virtual landscape, players will have the chance to discover new elements, including a replica of the iconic yellow boot and an exclusive exterior designed specifically for this project. Additionally, they will encounter four remarkable Metabots, including three original bots inspired by Timberland’s innovation.

Situated on a distinctive Fortnite island encompassing Arctic, Desert, and Forest zones, players can engage in challenges and overcome obstacles to unlock special effects and rewards. Drieke Leenknegt, Timberland’s Chief Marketing Officer, expressed his thoughts on the partnership, stating, “Timberland’s foundation is rooted in footwear innovation. Our collaboration with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine enables us to explore new dimensions as we envision the future of bot creation and bot culture. We’ve invited visionaries like Daniel Bailey, Zixiong Wei, and Aisha Kujk to craft Metaboots within Fortnite alongside our own ACE designers. Furthermore, we’ve adapted the collaborative model to the Metaverse. Simultaneously, we’re inviting consumers to immerse themselves in the world of design innovation through an extraordinary Fortnite experience. The potential for connecting with the Metaverse universe knows no bounds.”

About the Construct Project


The Construct 10061 initiative was initiated back in 2018, and it has consistently brought together the world’s finest shoe creators to reimagine and push the boundaries of boot craftsmanship. The upcoming season of Timberland Construct is set to coincide with Milan Design Week and will be unveiled at Timberland’s flagship Orefici11 store, where visitors can explore physical prototypes.

This event will not only feature physical displays but also incorporate live games and real-time engagement with the fifth Metaboot, created within Fortnite. For this launch, Timberland has enlisted SypherPK Hassan, one of the most renowned Fortnite players globally.

Raffaella Camera, the Head of Brand at Epic Games Unreal Engine, emphasized Timberland’s innovative and forward-thinking approach, stating, “Timberland possesses a highly innovative, forward-thinking mindset. This initiative allows them to build a legacy around some of the most beloved products in footwear.

Interaction is facilitated through Unreal Engine-based tools and virtual worlds, providing brand enthusiasts with the opportunity to engage with Timberland boots in ways previously unimaginable. Moreover, designers will have the ability to create and collaborate in entirely new ways in real time. It’s truly exciting to contemplate the possibilities that 3D technology can unlock.”

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